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GEOTAB Silver Winner 2015 Hot Companies and Best Products

GEOTAB Network Products Guide Silver Award Winner

Geotab Honoured as a Silver Winner in the 10th Annual 2015 Hot Companies and Best Products Award in the Transportation Category The Information Technology Industry’s Coveted Hot Companies and Best Products Award Winners and Finalists from all over the world…

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#GeotabAfrica GEOTAB Devices Evolution

Evolution of the Getotab Go Device

A Look At The Geotab GO Device: Past, Present, and Future June 22, 2015 Author: Malene Johansen & Vincent Zhu, Production Supervisor Geotab’s GO device is a world first expandable plug-&-play telematics technology. Initial production of the Geotab GO1 device…

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#GeotabAfrica – Geotab 2015 IT World Awards

Geotab GO7 and MyGeotab GPS Tracking Technology Recognized as Leading Transportation Industry Product and Service Geotab, an industry leading telematics engineering company, today announced that Network Products Guide, an industry leading technology research and advisory guide, has named Geotab’s end-to-end…

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#GeotabAfrica – Fuel Increases Require Cost Control

Petrol Price Increase

Petrol Price to Increase 47c Litre The Department of Energy on Friday 29th May 2015 announced that the price of fuel will increase by 47 cents per litre for all grades of fuel. April 2015 saw a price increase of…

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#GeotabAfrica – Top 3 Reasons Customers

The Top 3 Reasons Customers Chose GEOTAB I today asked one of our Business Development Managers to provide me a list of his last weeks customers and why they decided to go with GEOTAB, below are the top reasons for each…

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#GeotabAfrica #MoMoJoburg #RoadBuddy #IBM

GEOTAB, MoMo, RoadBuddy... GEOTAB SA just loves innovation, and nowhere will you find a more creative thinking bunch of people than on the regular Mobile Monday (MoMo) events held from time-to-time, and the recent Johannesburg event again lived up to…

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#GeotabAfrica and Fleet #TyreManagement

Steve Swart, our Business Development Manager for KZN today presented what I considered a very interesting presentation indeed. The presentation was on tyre management solution from one of our Value Added Partners that integrate with the GEOTAB Fleet Monitoring service,…

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#GeotabAfrica at #AutoMechanica 2015, let the show begin, 6-9th May 2015

The Concept of Automechanica The World's Leading Trade Fair for the Automotive Industry Automechanika Johannesburg offers you a unique spectrum of products from the fields of automotive parts, car wash, workshop and filling-station equipment, IT products and services, accessories and…

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A Telematics 2020 Vision Enables You to See Your Business Clearly

Implementing telematics for your business growth means staying focused on your 5 year business plan and tapping into the potential of the rich data that is available, in addition to extending the information to assist in making measured management decisions.This…

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Converting Big Data into Relevant Fleet Management Information

Many firms are looking to define what is the true meaning of Big Data in the telematics industry. In today’s data-driven economy, companies are wirelessly collecting huge volumes of data. However, collecting data is the just the beginning and the…