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4 Challenges Fleet Managers Face

Fleet managers face a number of challenges when managing a fleet. We will highlight four of the most common problems they face.

  1. Dealing with too much Data

In 2019, information and data became the most valuable asset worth investing in since oil, according to Leeward Capital Management. As more businesses adapt to the fourth industrial revolution and digitize operations, more data becomes available for analysis which can lead to information overload.

Fleet management devices record movement, events, trips and vehicle utilisation information, leaving fleet managers to deal with large amounts of data. The real challenge arises when a client has a large fleet and too few staff to manage it. Thus, rendering information either outdated as it was not presented in real time, or potentially inaccurate due to human error.

The MyGeotab software allows for optimization of data reporting, filing and archiving. This enables fleet managers to select the most relevant data to their operations. Customized reporting around driver behaviour, fuel consumption, collision avoidance data etc. further allows for insight into operations. This information is available in real time and can be converted into notifications to monitor specific business rules.

2. Integrating with an Advanced Fleet Management System

Most companies are hesitant to adopt a comprehensive fleet solution due to integration requirements and possible disruption to daily operations using existing software. Large enterprises often employ various software solutions that need to integrate, preventing the task of transferring data manually between systems and maintaining efficient operations. Business owners often pose two questions whether MyGeotab can be integrated easily into their existing software systems, and whether their company data is secure.

Geotab’s open platform software is able to integrate seamlessly using our Software Development Kit (SDK). For example, by integrating with Online Intelligence, Geotab has developed the First Responder Solution specifically for the security industry. We integrate and house their pre-existing software to ours, to run both concurrently. Ensuring that the solution works smoothly. Read more on the power of an open platform system.

Furthermore, Geotab is governed by the Technical and Organisational Data Security Measures “Statement” (TOMS) Read more on our security policies.

  1. Small Problems Sometimes Go Unnoticed

Fuel expenditure is currently one of the largest expenses that companies encounter, particularly businesses operating large fleets. More often than not, fuel is seen as a necessity in operations and its consumption or its rising expense is overlooked, due to varying factors such as fluctuating fuel prices and increased operations. However, this leaves companies vulnerable to issues such as the syphoning of fuel. Over time, isolated incidents can become very costly to a company. It is the responsibility of the fleet manager to identify such an activity and to proactively prevent their company from leaking hefty funds.

Geotab products such as the GO device and add-ons such as fuel sensors provide live data on the challenge posed. Fuel levels are constantly recorded and notifications alert fleet managers to irregular consumption.

  1. Accessing a Particular Vehicle’s Information

Fleet managers are faced with the challenge of needing relevant information on specific vehicles, in an instant. Particularly in cases where such information is required to prove the details of an incident that occurred involving their fleet. What tends to be a problem for fleet managers still working the conventional way is that, they usually have piles of paper and manual spreadsheets that they would now need to sift through to find a specific incident. This need could be for an isolated incident dating back as far as two years prior. This leaves the fleet manager or business owner to manually track back in time to find that information.

Geotab specializes in data management, sporting a dedicated support team to assist with identifying precise information, 24 hours a day. Furthermore, you as the fleet manager have the power to filter through you company’s information which would be stored in our cloud-based software and can be dated back to two years of stored information to assist you in pinpointing a specific incident without delay.

Author: Zipho Nzama | Solution Specialist – Geotab Africa    

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