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Whitelist Drivers

Whitelist Drivers

Customers frequently find themselves in a scenario where the company assets are being used without proper authorization. GEOTAB provides you with the tools via the NFC driver identification tag to identify who the drivers of company assets are.

With some investigation, you might come across drivers who are driving company vehicles without any authorization. In such a case, GEOTAB has you covered with the addition of the “WhiteList add-in” via the MyGEOTAB software suite. This add-in allows you to restrict certain drivers from driving different company assets.

Let’s use a real-world example in the form of the mining industry. Certain drivers are not allowed to drive the big yellow machines like dump trucks. With this add-in, you can simply restrict the specified driver tag not to be able to operate any heavy vehicles.

At a glance, you will be able to see how many drivers are authorised to use the company assets.


Customers can also view drivers listed to the specified asset. Drivers can be disabled/enabled at any given time. New drivers can be assigned to various vehicles.

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For more info please read our Whitelist User Manual…

Author: Riaan Grobler, Head of Software Support – GEOTAB AFRICA

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