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What Makes Geotab Africa Different?

Geotab Africa has been around for the past 20 years and we have always placed ourselves in the “advanced telematics” space, which has its own challenges in terms of competitors as well as the constant changes in the current technology booming era.

Geotab Africa has changed its value proposition to fit these specific trends in technology and is at the forefront of establishing business relationships, based on a turnkey solution instead of the traditional device selling strategies.

Geotab Africa has developed specific customized integrated solutions to fit many types of verticals in the market, ranging from mining, security, fuel distribution and many more. We engage with various customers from a business perspective and address their specific needs by applying our unique array of differentiating factors.

Some of these differentiators have been created using our customized solutions and some are patented technologies where Geotab Africa was the custodian and other suppliers attempted to follow.

What Distinguishes Geotab Africa From Our Competitors

The following are but just a few differentiating factors that set Geotab Africa apart from our competitors:

Curve based algorithm

Geotab’s devices rely on a patented advanced algorithm to ensure accurate and factual recording of trip information.

Breadcrumb Technology

This is another Geotab patent which again amplifies and ensures the accuracy of a road travelled, eliminating straight lines and providing an accurate view of all vehicles.

OBD Form Factor

This Geotab world first allows the device to read all 4 protocols presented by any vehicle manufacturer, making Geotab the only provider capable of retrieving engine data (manufacturer dependent).

Daisy Chain Expansion

Geotab’s unique expansion technology (IOX) allows for various external and 3rd party devices to be connected in a daisy chain configuration through mini-USB connectivity. There is no need for additional cutting into or splicing of harnesses.

SDK Integration

The Software Development Kit (SDK) allows for any 3rd party software provider to integrate into the Geotab software via open API’s. This SDK is well documented and are being used extensively by various customers worldwide.


The Geotab Marketplace boasts with state of the art hardware accessories, Add-ons, Add-Ins and Mobile Apps, General software solutions and Custom reports – See URL:

Active Track

Geotab’s Active Tracking feature for MyGeotab, which provides near-live vehicle animations on a map, is a critical tool for first responders, taxi companies, fleet owners, and other dispatchers who need to closely monitor the live position of their vehicles.

GO-Talk (Text to Speech)

The all-new Geotab Go Talk enhances driver and fleet safety by providing spoken word alerts to drivers while on the road in real-time. You can also set custom verbal feedback notifications for various safety events such as speeding, seat belt usage, harsh driving, idling, vehicle health, and more. With audible coaching, improving driver behaviour with fleet management technologies has never been more effective.


Geotab offers advanced reporting flexibility. Start with Geotab’s standard reports, and make them more meaningful by tailoring them to your exact fleet needs. Easily create, run and deliver the information you want, the way you want it, and when you want it.


Geotab’s core focus remains on the B2B market especially aimed at the following pillars within an organization: Productivity, Safety, Fleet Optimization, Compliance as well as Expandability. Our value proposition is based on these five pillars and therefore look at specific areas within an organization where we can amplify these by harnessing the exceptional data which we obtain from our superior devices.

Efficiency and Integrity

The underlying success of Geotab’s offering still remains the accuracy and integrity of the data collected. This places Geotab in a completely different league when integrating with 3rd party value-added resellers who base their offering purely on the accuracy and integrity of the data.

Global Agreements

Geotab prides themselves on various global agreements signed i.e. CUMMINS Diesel, VERIZON, Telefonica, GARMIN and many more.

OTA (Over the Air)

This unique feature enables firmware updates to be uploaded directly to a device at any given time eliminating maintenance downtime significantly.

Author: Etienne Muller, Commercial Manager – GEOTAB AFRICA

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