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Trip History

Trip History

With MyGEOTAB, you have access to the realtime locations of your fleet and the entire history of where your vehicles have been. You can use this feature to go back in time to examine what happened on a previous date.

Select the Trips History button to work with historical tracking.


When using Trips History, your selected vehicles will have their trips displayed automatically. The table will show each individual trip as a single row. The first item in the row is the address or zone name at which the vehicle has stopped.


Note: Zone names will be used in place of addresses after you have created zones for customers’ locations, workplaces or other places of interest.

If the location is a zone then it will be underlined in a colour which corresponds to the type of the zone. The example above shows purple, orange and yellow lines for specified zones.
Author: Melleth Mabuye, Software Support – GEOTAB AFRICA