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Improved Bureau Reporting – Powered By Trojan Telematics

Improved Bureau Reporting - Powered By Trojan Telematics

GEOTAB AFRICA has recently announced a new custodian for their advanced analytics facility called Bureau. As such Bureau is revised, revived and ready to bear pivotal business insights, thanks to a strategic change of course powered by Trojan Telematics.

Current customers can look forward to the Bureau service receiving an entire overhaul that will deliver significant value.

New reporting format

Daily, weekly or monthly reports supplied through the Bureau service have been revamped to update the aesthetic layout and improve data readability. This allows for a quick and easy understanding of the data at any skills level.

Those familiar with the conventional interface will appreciate the convenience of the new email format. Below is an example of the historical Geotab Bureau report before Trojan Telematics was appointed to manage the reporting service.

Historical Bureau Report Example.jpg

Trojan Telematics has changed GEOTAB AFRICA’s Bureau reporting to an easier to read format such as this weekly mileage trend graph and the system uptime pie-chart below:

Trojan Telematics Bureau report.png
Trojan Telematics Bureau report - Pie Chart.png

GEOTAB AFRICA’s MD, Vishnu Perumalsamy recalls, “We were impressed with Trojan’s apparent commitment from the onset.” He continues, “We know Trojan are the best partners for this project because they understand the industry and know the software inside-out. The tweaks that have already been made are just the beginning.”

Redefining personalised reporting

Bureau Service recipients will no longer have to wade through the numerical data in order to identify areas for improvement.

Further to the current upgrades, Trojan Telematics has committed to the remodelling of the service to include personalised monthly analysis aligned to each customer’s individual business strategy.

“The reports will highlight key insights from the data and contain our interpretation of what that means, what the possible causes could be and our recommended course of action”, explains Steven Bure, Trojan’s founding director.

Larger returns on investment

Bure believes that all Bureau customers will derive unprecedented value. “Over and above time-saving by not having to decipher the info yourself, there are significant costs saving potential.”

“We want customers to get the most out of their [MyGeotab] service. We will help them to see where business improvements can be made based on the data. This can help boost business performance and avoid costly oversights.”

Having started his career in logistics, Bure has the first-hand experience of the day-to-day pressures and considerations facing those responsible for fleet operations. He is thus able to apply this knowledge to reports in order to provide relevant and practical information.

Staying ahead of the curve

“Intelligent information makes for intelligent decisions” states Bure, citing why his company’s by-line is Intelligent Fleet Management. He explains that when the reports are properly reviewed they reveal game-changing information.

For example, where improvements can be made to:

  • Fuel consumption,
  • Routes,
  • Driver safety benchmarks and
  • Process optimisation.

Identifying specific trends can lead to the uncovering of big problems before they become costly, or even crippling ones.

The advantages that can be gained from the in-depth analysis is that business owners are armed with facts that can drive positive business changes for the long-term.

Only positive effects on the bottom line

The natural question on everybody’s lips is if costs for the service will change.

GEOTAB AFRICA is proud to confirm that rates will not be affected. This is possible because Trojan Telematics have automated the data capturing and collation processes. Thus expenses on human resources are repurposed to analyse data instead.

GEOTAB AFRICA is thrilled with the progress Trojan has already made with the service. Stating that what was originally a straightforward reporting dashboard has taken shape. The new format acts as a performance snapshot, “…enabling our customers to make decisive calls on business augmentations.” Adds Perumalsamy.

He concludes, “We are excited to see what Trojan Telematics has in store. I think that in time Bureau will be a service our customers will not be able to imagine life without.

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