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Geotab’s Six Pillars of Innovation

The growing need to go digital has placed innovation at the forefront of business growth. Along with capital and a skilled workforce, it is now seen as a prerequisite to any company’s future success. Consequently, having a robust innovation blueprint is important to deliver effective technology that will empower businesses with solutions to help them compete in today’s fast-moving world.

At Geotab, our innovation blueprint is focused on the following six pillars: Fleet Productivity, Safety, Optimization, Compliance, Expandability, and more recently, Sustainability. But what does each pillar mean and what is their purpose?  Let’s take a look at Geotab’s six pillars and understand the premise of their objective.

The Importance of an Innovation Blueprint

Being a world leader in innovation requires capital, advanced infrastructure, unexplored customer needs and a team of devoted, tech-savvy specialists who are always excited about creating new technology. But above all else, it requires a clear, solid and well-understood blueprint of what innovation should be like. Without this, companies will be unable to efficiently align their innovation output. This will lead to them creating products that do not carry or give customers any real value.

Geotab’s Innovation Blueprint: The Six Pillars of Innovation

Our six pillars are strategically selected to ensure that both our company and customers’ businesses remain relevant in a world that is experiencing rapid social, economic, environmental and technological change. As a result, they form the core of all our partnerships and represent the benefits of all our innovations. They are one of the primary reasons why we continue to grow exponentially and remain innovative through the years.

In no particular order, they are as follows:

First Pillar: Productivity

The success of a fleet depends on the productivity of its drivers. But how does the fleet manager measure the productivity of drivers whilst office-based, and the drivers are operational on the road? Geotab’s GO device uses sophisticated, patented logging algorithms to record the vehicle’s movement and inner-workings such as speed, vehicle location, kilometres driven, fuel usage and engine health. This helps fleet managers stay informed about driver performance, as well as other events such as arrival and departure time at a customer site, driving time, speed and visited locations.

Second Pillar: Safety

A big component of productivity is ensuring that your vehicles and drivers are safe. For example, if one of your vehicles gets involved in an accident, it opens up a host of issues which will significantly hamper your fleet’s productivity and profitability. Geotab’s advanced platform, MyGeotab, offers a wealth of information and tools to help fleet managers enhance vehicle and driver safety. This includes:

  • Information on speeding, idling, harsh breaking, and hard cornering to help fleet managers identify and manage poor driving habits;
  • An Exception Rules feature that allows fleet managers to create interactive alerts for when road rules are broken;
  • An accident detection feature that relies on patented technology to identify in-reverse motions of vehicles and provide drivers with a reminder that they need to be cautious during this activity;
  • Safety reports that provide detailed insight into driver behaviour on the road.

Third Pillar: Optimization

The recipe for running a successful fleet is to operate it with scalability and efficiency. By utilizing a combination of MyGeotab dashboards, applications and IOX add-ons, this system takes the hassle out of planning and implementation processes by automating schedules, assigning routes to drivers, tracking vehicles in operation.

Fourth Pillar: Compliance

Another aspect of running a successful fleet is to ensure that your drivers comply with the rules of the road. Geotab’s fleet management system offers a range of customisable tools to assist fleets to maintain the highest levels of regulatory compliance. Through its ability to generate driving data, Geotab’s telematics solution aids fleet managers in the following ways:

  • It allows them to gain insight on risky driving habits that jeopardizes drivers’ lives and other road users so they can take the necessary action;
  • With the Exception Rules feature, fleet managers can create a safe driving culture by selecting specific rules in the exceptions report to guide drivers;
  • Through the accident detection feature for reverse parking, it helps drivers avoid accidents during this activity.

This helps reduce unnecessary expenditure as a result of fines in violations, or fixing or replacing a fleet vehicle as well as third-party vehicle.

Fifth Pillar: Expandability

Today’s companies collect large amounts of data from an array of systems and devices. Geotab’s Marketplace offers hundreds of third-party solutions to allow both small and large fleets to streamline their operations by integrating vehicle data with their other data sources. With Geotab’s Software Development Kit (SDK), fleet managers can extend platform functionality to automate processes to add value and increase efficiency. Moreover, the Geotab GO device provides an additional functionality through IOX Add-Ons, allowing fleet managers to integrate hardware add-ons like sensors, cameras and driver feedback.

Sixth Pillar: Sustainability

Our sustainability pillar focuses on finding balance between customer fleet needs, the sustainability of our technology, and the growing need to protect the environment in which we and others live. Thus, through our technology we drive a greener future in the following ways:

Fuel Management

Effective fuel management is imperative to lowering fuel consumption and ultimately, lowering emissions. Telematics can help curb poor driving habits and save money spent on fuel for your fleet. By monitoring drivers, fleet managers can identify and act on behaviors that lead to unnecessary spending on fuel.

Vehicle Maintenance  

Vehicles are a company’s most valuable asset. Neglecting to maintain them regularly and attend to vehicle faults, can result in unforeseen expenditure for businesses. Furthermore, the poorer the vehicle performance, the higher the environmental impact. Through the MyGeotab software, setting maintenance reminders can be fully automated. Read more on Effective fleet management tips that can save you money.

Route Optimization

Geotab’s system makes it easy to reduce total fuel consumption. By optimizing routing and the precise management of idling, customers can significantly reduce CO2 emissions.

The GO Device

Geotab is committed to reducing CO2 emissions. Through the use of our advanced technology, our customers can easily and effectively reduce their carbon footprint. Our devices are made from recycled materials which make them disposable and less environmentally harmful.

Author: The Geotab Africa Team        

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