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Shared Asset Location: Where GPS and Teamwork Meet on the Map

In the fast-paced world of fleet management, time is money, and every minute counts. To keep goods flowing smoothly from point A to point B, the use of Shared Asset Location for fleets has emerged as a game-changer.

Do your clients want you to share vehicle location information when awaiting a delivery?

Well, the good news is that you can share the information, even with non-Geotab clients. Increase transparency and visibility, manage your risk better, break down all communication barriers, and choose when the asset location becomes active and expires.

Asset location or tracking is the practice of understanding all the physical assets that you have in your possession and tracking/locating them. Shared Asset location is necessary for every business with a fleet – be aware of your asset location in real-time and manage your customers’ expectations.

Geotab’s Shared Asset Location capability makes this possible – here are some more benefits of the feature:

Improved Customer Service

Sharing live asset locations with customers or clients can enhance the overall customer experience. The Geotab advantage is that you can share the information about the location of assets with non-Geotab customers – this allows for transparency and visibility. For example, in industries like logistics or delivery services, companies can provide accurate delivery estimates to customers based on the real-time location of the fleet vehicle. This transparency builds trust and customer satisfaction.

Improved Fleet Visibility

Second to security, knowing how far the asset is, is paramount for businesses, so real-time asset location sharing enables companies to have complete visibility into the whereabouts of their fleets, equipment, or other assets. This information helps managers and dispatchers track assets accurately and make informed decisions based on their current location.


Businesses operating within the transportation of goods are constantly faced with security issues, the hijacking of assets being the main issue. Real-time asset location guarantees the businesses’ security of their assets. This also saves business time in that the fleet manager does not have to call the driver to find out if they and the asset(s) are safe on the road.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

By knowing the precise location of assets, businesses can optimize their fleet operations. They can identify idle or underutilized assets and redeploy them to more productive tasks. Live asset location data also allows for efficient route planning, enabling drivers to take the most optimal paths, reducing fuel consumption, and increasing overall efficiency.

Effective Dispatching and Routing

Knowing which route to use is essential for any business in the transport industry. With real-time asset location data, dispatchers can assign jobs and tasks to the nearest available asset, optimizing resource allocation and reducing response times. This feature ensures that assets are utilized efficiently and helps companies provide faster and more reliable services to customers.

Theft Prevention and Asset Security

The business of delivering goods is plagued with crime. With your assets’ location visible, real-time asset location tracking can act as a deterrent against theft and unauthorized use of assets. In the event of theft, companies can quickly locate stolen assets and take immediate action to recover them. This feature helps reduce asset losses, lowers insurance premiums, and enhances overall asset security.

Maintenance and Safety Management

Live asset location sharing can integrate with maintenance and safety management systems, providing valuable insights into asset health and compliance. Businesses can schedule maintenance based on asset location, usage, and condition, optimizing maintenance schedules, and reducing downtime. Additionally, companies can monitor driver behaviour and ensure adherence to safety protocols by tracking asset location and movement.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Fleet management is a business of data and insights – collecting and analyzing live asset location data allows companies to generate meaningful insights. They can identify patterns, trends, and potential areas for improvement in their fleet operations. This data-driven approach helps in making informed decisions, implementing process improvements, and optimizing overall fleet performance.

One of the benefits of this functionality is that the fleet manager can choose when the provided shareable link that allows others to temporarily view the asset’s location expires, this way, the asset is tracked only when it is authorized and allowed. Sharing the asset location is fast and easy with MyGeotab; all you have to do is select the asset for which you want to share location information, click share asset location from the dropdown menu, and use the provided shareable link to allow others to temporarily view the asset’s location (see quick guide here: How to create a link to share the asset location | Geotab Knowledge Article).

With the above benefits in place for your assets, optimizing your fleet becomes easy. The underutilization of resources is ignored, the location of assets is guaranteed and accounted for, production is maximized, and costs are minimized. Be a step ahead of your competitors with a solution that integrates every element of asset location into one interface.

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