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Saving Lives & Cutting Costs: Video Telematics for Public Transport

The public transport industry is complex but can be regulated with various public transport video telematics solutions. As an industry, vehicles and drivers must adhere to the strictest rules and regulations that promote safety and compliance. Failure to do so does not only result in severe fines but also a compromise to people’s lives and safety. The passenger is paramount for the industry’s growth, making them the most important stakeholder. However, the industry is plagued with life-claiming accidents. In trying to prevent this, Kenya’s Transport Cabinet Secretary, Kipchumba Murkomen stated that all public service vehicles (PSV) and school buses should have dashboard cameras installed as a solution to curb road accidents. Murkomen made this statement following a fatal accident in Londiani that claimed 50 lives.

According to the Secretary, adopting video telematics solutions and installing dashboard cameras in public transport vehicles will enhance safety, accountability, and efficiency within the public transport sector. Geotab Africa, an expert in fleet management solutions, can make this transition and adoption a smooth one – with telematics solutions that provide proper fleet management, making sure that lives are saved, vehicles are protected, and costs are minimized.

Geotab Africa’s Video Telematics 

Dashboard cameras have become the cornerstone of fleets’ safety regulations. Geotab Africa’s camera and video solution offers much more visibility into what happens on the road and provides in-depth evidence for incidents and/or collisions. So, what are video telematics? This is a solution that allows fleet managers to gain vehicle insight from dash cam footage and data from camera sensors. On this solution, fleet managers can program a set of rules which can automatically generate in-vehicle alerts for real-time driver coaching. Murkomen indicated that “moreover, the availability of real-time data through this interconnected system will allow for prompt response to emergencies, such as accidents or breakdowns”. Geotab Africa’s interface has a collision detection feature that reports potential collisions. This allows fleet managers to monitor, act, and take measures to mitigate risks before and during accidents or breakdowns.

While collisions are inevitable, having a collision detection tool reduces risk and prioritizes passenger safety. He went on to add that “authorities can receive immediate alerts and deploy appropriate resources to ensure the safety and well-being of passengers and drivers alike”. Geotab Africa’s solution can make sure risky events are flagged and automatically uploaded to the fleet management software, making it easy for fleet managers to quickly dispatch roadside assistance.

Geotab Africa’s camera solution also allows fleet managers to use video telematics to record and review any risky and life-threatening events, collect collision evidence, identify driver coaching opportunities, and promote driver and asset security. Our dashboard camera options range from live streaming and on-demand video to infrared and ADAS.

It is important to note that the best-fit camera for a fleet does not need to have all the features, but just the one that addresses a specific pain point.

360-Degree View Camera  

A camera with an all-around view of a vehicle is a great solution. A 360-degree view will have multiple camera options to cover all sides of the vehicle – road, and rear-facing, one mounted on the side of the vehicle, and the cabin or driver-facing option. This way, the control room can monitor the driving behavior in real time. And in a collision, you will have footage covering all angles of the vehicle, making accident reconstruction very easy.

AI Camera 

This video telematics solution is especially useful for unsafe conditions. Artificial intelligence can be used to analyze, automatically, video content for unsafe driving behavior. This AI-embedded camera or recording device can be utilized to prevent accidents by audibly coaching the driver in real-time for situations including tailgating, roll-through stops, distraction, and drowsiness. It is especially useful for fatigue monitoring.

Continuous Video Capture 

This dash cam is always on and recording as long as the vehicle is operating. The benefit is that the camera captures every event as it occurs. Solutions with continuous recording usually have a search option that allows users to look for the specific footage they want.

Event-Based Recording 

Assuming that the camera has continuous recording, this option can be used to capture footage for specifically set events. Examples of these can be speeding, harsh acceleration or braking, hard cornering, geofencing (zones) violations, driver not wearing a seat belt, and collisions. A set event can be used to retrieve a recorded video for a specific trigger after the event has already happened.

Infrared Camera  

The public transport industry never sleeps. Vehicles are on the road 24/7, taking passengers from one point to the next.   Therefore, a camera that is needed is one that operates perfectly in daylight, and when it is dark. Cameras with infrared (IR) sensors, also known as night vision, capture footage in the dark, producing footage for any time of day.

Our solutions for fleet management, and in this case, public service vehicles, are not limited to just dash cams. We also offer world-class telematics solutions for efficiency and optimized operation.

Because of the nature of the business, drivers in this industry drive for long hours, making them prone to fatigue. Drivers fatigued behind the wheel are a clear business and life risk. Vehicle collisions do not only cost money but also the lives of passengers. How can telematics support driver fatigue monitoring? The Driver Fatigue Monitoring (DFM) Solution, offered by Geotab Africa, is specially created to safeguard vehicles and passengers from the negligence of the driver. Here is how you can manage fatigued drivers:

Rules for night driving 

Fatigue-related incidents occur at night mostly; this is because of drivers working outside their ordinary sleep hours. Geotab Africa’s fleet management software allows you to set up alerts and notifications to help monitor irregular usage. This way you can detect any unusual patterns that could increase risk. Here, you could create stop breaks for drivers when they travel long distances.

Alerts for drive time  

Drivers driving for too long, are not only a risk to themselves, but also to the vehicle, other road users, and most importantly, passengers. Geotab Africa can make alerts to the driver and the fleet manager when the driver exceeds their daily on-road time allocation without suitable breaks.

Phase out dangerous times  

Fatigue-related incidents usually take place from midnight until 6 am, which makes these the most dangerous times to be on the road. Avoiding having vehicles on the road during these times will reduce the collision rate.  You can create a notification that alerts you when your vehicle moves during the riskiest times of the day.

Communication between the driver and the control room 

Geotab Africa’s communication tools such as the Go-Talk device, provide feedback to the driver about their road safety and performance. This device notifies the driver when they exceed allowable conditions. Another tool we have is the Geotab Drive App. The messaging feature on this app maintains a two-way messaging capability between the driver and the control room. Setting up custom responses and messages allows the driver to respond without needing to type. This solution allows drivers to notify fleet managers of their well-being.

Secretary Murkomen also indicated in the that the government wants a telematics solution that manages fuel consumption – as this can contribute to the development of eco-friendly driving habits, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability”. Geotab Africa’s fuel management capability addresses this pain point this way:

Fuel Management 

Fuel is every fleet’s biggest cost. Geotab Africa can lower your costs and optimize fleet productivity with accurate fleet fuel management software. Our telematics solution tracks fuel consumption trends per vehicle, observes instances of fuel overuse, and monitors driving behavior and how that affects consumption. Mitigating unauthorized driving patterns such as harsh braking, speeding, and unnecessary idling is made possible by live, in-vehicle feedback and buzzer alerts.  Fleet managers get full visibility into the vehicle’s fuel consumption, plus access to critical engine data for proactive vehicle maintenance. It is also very important for the right vehicle to be fitted for public service transportation.

Using a large vehicle for a small number of passengers and short distances increases fuel costs. Selecting the right sized vehicle for the right task is critical for managing fuel. It is wise to downsize to vehicles with smaller engines that consume fewer amounts of fuel.

Another cost-effective option to pursue is electric vehicles. Conduct an EV Suitability Assessment with Geotab Africa to determine the possibility of electrifying your vehicles. An electric fleet is not only cost-effective but also contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions. This way, environmental sustainability is upheld.

The Geotab Africa Advantage 

Murkomen observed that the adoption of dashboard cameras and telematics solutions “aims to address various challenges and improve overall service quality”. Murkomen also indicated that a solution that provides real-time monitoring and analysis of vehicles is required. Geotab Africa’s solution is a fleet tracking device that provides accurate vehicle tracking. When the GO9 device is installed in a vehicle it allows the fleet manager to collect rich, accurate data on the location, speed, trip distance, and time, of every vehicle. This device can locate the vehicle even when parked underground and indoors. Ours is not just limited to tracking vehicles, but a fleet management tool that provides solutions that uphold safety, optimizes operations, mitigates risk, and cuts costs. Use Geotab Africa as a service solution to guarantee safety and compliance in your fleet.

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