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Protect your business against frivolous lawsuits with the GEOTAB G07 and CARPA Dash cam

The Geotab GO7 and Carpa Dash Cam
Combining the GEOTAB G07 device with the CARPA-120 Dual Dash cam gives you peace of mind about what your fleet is doing, and what happened in case of an accident or unknown stops.

Let’s say driver X lost control of the vehicle going around a bend or stopped at an unknown location, the GEOTAB G07 device with the CARPA Dual Dash cam will provide all the answers needed. Looking at the accident the GO device will detect an “accident level event” when a vehicle collision occurs and the accelerometer threshold exceeds 2.5G (front or back, or side to side). During this “event” the GO device will record second-by-second data of the accident at 100 Hz frequency and this data is automatically transmitted to MyGEOTAB for interpretation.
CARPA Dual Dash Cam
Taking a closer look at the CARPA Dual Dash Cam, you are simultaneously recording video both from the interior and exterior of the vehicle. The dual cameras face both forward and backwards looking into the car with four Infrared LEDs, in order to record in low-light situations. The unit can be set to record continuously or only if an accident occurs as determined by the G-Force sensor. This unit has a built-in G-Shock sensor that has five level settings and can record multiple impact points. This is useful if your vehicle is in an accident, the unit will sense the drastic change in G-force, and automatically log the recordings.
By combining the accident footage taken via the CARPA Dual Dash Cam with the GEOTAB GO unit’s data, allows one to compile an accident report covering all the important information needed. The system is the perfect eyewitness and provides irrefutable evidence by fully documenting accidents, near-accidents or reckless/aggressive driving behaviour.
Geotab GO7 Device
In terms of unauthorized stops, the GEOTAB system can highlight no-go zones and set up exception rules to alert approved personnel of all unplanned stops as well as create custom reporting of each event.
Once the MyGEOTAB Software has marked the event and sent the notification of the unauthorized stop, the Fleet Manager can review the footage on the CARPA Dash Cam as well as what happened inside the cab of the vehicle during the event.
Author: Francois Kruger, Software Support – GEOTAB Africa

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