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Get the full solution and save millions with Geotab Aux

Get the full solution and save millions with Geotab Aux
Some time back, all was good for a client with the basic GEOTAB solution.
Client had tipper trucks collecting raw material from site A, and dropped off outside the property at a dumping site for processing raw materials. Client could see in MyGEOTAB that the pickup, drop-offs and all stops were zoned (geofenced).
Everything was great until the client was offered the IOX – AUX add-on, with switches to calculate the tipper usage. Business continued as normal. And rules were set up whereby the tipper was only allowed to offload at zoned areas.
As the drivers were aware that their movement was being monitored, they did not stop or deviate from the routes. But the client identified something after installing the auxiliary switches… The drivers were driving slowly at certain locations (not far from main road) and lifted the tipper slowly to offload some of the raw materials awaiting pickup. This illegal drop had added up in substantial losses.
With GEOTAB’s full solution, the illegal drop-offs with the tippers lifting slowly, triggered the control room and key personnel received immediate email notifications. They could respond while the illegal drops were occurring and perpetrators were immediately apprehended.

Author: Muhamed Mayet, Export Support – GEOTAB AFRICA