MyGeotab Extensibility and Featured Add-in

MyGeotab Extensibility and Featured Add-in

One of the main benefits of MyGeotab is the built-in ability to take future growth into consideration. What this means is that with our MyGeotab platform, as useful and intuitive as it is, more features or capabilities can still be added onto it through our open API by means of Custom Add-ins.

What are Add-ins?

These are extra features that are developed and added onto MyGeotab to meet specific client needs. This is achievable through our SDK which is thoroughly documented on the below link. : General SDK : Developing Add-ins Section : Possible API Methods

Add-ins can range from a ‘special button’ that can be added onto existing pages to a completely ‘new section’ on the MyGeotab interface that performs a specific task. They can either be developed by GEOTAB AFRICA or internally developed by our customers who have software development teams.

Example of a Button Add-in:


This type of add-in only appears on a page specified and is only trigger when clicked by the logged in user.

Example of Paged Add-in:

Extensibility and Featured Addin - Image 2.png

As the image shows, this add-in appears as a section on the side menu. It can be a single page or have multiple pages that allow users to perform specific tasks. One of our internally developed add-ins is the Trip Builder.

Trip Builder Add-in

This is one of our add-ins that was initially developed for petroleum suppliers and is divided into 5 sections, namely:

Orders: Enables users to add orders for clients, which can later be added to trips that will be assigned to vehicles.

Extensibility and Featured Addin - Image 3.png

Trips: Allows users to add orders to trips and dispatch vehicles to clients using Garmin and monitor their progress as it happens.

Extensibility and Featured Addin - Image 4.pngReports: Allows clients to manage report templates that will be used to download trip, order and/or vehicle data.

Extensibility and Featured Addin - Image 5.png

Vehicle Capacity Configuration: Sets the vehicle’s capacity in order to prevent overloading the vehicle on the system.

Extensibility and Featured Addin - Image 6.png

Depot Allocation: Enables admin to allocate users to depots to prevent users in various depots from modifying trips or orders from depots they do not belong to.

Extensibility and Featured Addin - Image 7.png

For further reading please see our Trip Builder Brochure below and keep in touch with our sales team for further inquiries.


Author: Dumisani Nkosi, Software Developer – GEOTAB AFRICA

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