MyGeotab Business Data for Business Intelligence

Information Technology (IT) is an important enabler of business success and innovation. In today’s fast-paced business environment, most businesses invest a lot of money in the best and latest tech tools to aid them in making calculated business decisions and supporting their day to day processes. With that said, when your organization/business relies on a fleet (no matter the size) to carry out some or most of its functions, Geotab’s MyGeotab Fleet management software can help you leverage on your business operations and fulfill some key organizational goals.

Efficient business processes

MyGeotab Business Data for efficient business processes
Using MyGeotab tools and features such as Zones, Rules and customized reports; fleet managers can identify processes within their fleet and workforce that need to be re-engineered. These processes can then be performed in more efficient and effective ways.

Reducing Costs and adding value

MyGeotab Business Data for reducing Costs and adding value
A well-managed fleet can assist an organization in reducing running costs, contributing towards the business’s value chain. MyGeotab helps you reduce costs and improve your fleet productivity through our various free and paid Add-ons or reports. The MyGeotab Software is a powerful tool which uses Big Data generated by your fleet to give you an insight on driver and vehicle behaviour. When the system is effectively utilized, organisations can avoid unnecessary expenditure by curbing speed violations, after-hours usage and attending to engine diagnostics and alerts.

Strategic decision making

MyGeotab Business Data for strategic decision making
Knowledge and insight gives an organization the competitive advantage. MyGeotab Reporting and Dashboards help fleet managers make informed decisions. Features such as route and trip planning can save costs and having a software tool like MyGeotab will give you the edge as it allows you to make decisions while considering specific factors like current vehicle location/data, driver performance and trip history, which is all accessible on MyGeotab.
Making MyGeotab a part of your business IT tools, assists your organisation in generating growth, improving productivity and creating a competitive advantage. To speak to us or to get more information on how our add-ons can help you turn your fleet data into business intelligence, request a demo.
Author: Mxolisi Zondi, Junior Developer – GEOTAB AFRICA
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