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How to Automate Reports on MyGeotab

Automating reports are an easy way to stay aware of crucial fleet data, while taking away the need to monitor your database on a constant basis. By automating reports you can have data automatically provided to you daily, weekly or monthly and can control how much or how little detail you receive.

How to Begin

Start by clicking on the administration tab, select reports then reports views:
MyGeotab Report Views
This is a list of reports that are built into your database and can be setup as a dashboard or email report, or both. If you have custom reporting, it will be displayed first. Built-in reports will display after custom reporting. Built-in reports pull data from various resources to provide snapshots of different information such as customer visits, engine data or exceptions. These reports are available as a default, summary, advanced or detailed report.

Enabling a Report for Dashboard or Email

  1. Click on your ‘Dashboard’ tab, turn on the ‘Dashboard Graphic Options’.
  2. Choose the ‘Display on My Dashboard’ setting, if you want to see the report on your own dashboard.
  3. Next to ‘Dashboard Viewers’ is your group list, in which you have the option to add this report to everyone’s dashboard, or only to those employees of a certain group.
  4. Select your choice from the drop down list or start typing the name and select, you also have the option to leave this field as it is. If you have the ‘Display on My Dashboard’ turned on, then this report will only show on your dashboard.

MyGeotab Dashboard

Setting the Date Range, Refresh Period and Next Run

Next is the date range, refresh period then next run. The date range allows you to choose the dates for which the report should run.
The email report tab functions similarly to the dashboard tab. Turn on ‘Email’, then select ‘Email the Report to Me’, then choose if you want the report to be emailed only to yourself, to all users or users in a certain group.
The ‘Redirect Report’ allows you to send an email to a different email address based on certain conditions, but if you are just starting out it’s recommended to leave this turned off.
When emailing the report you can either send as a PDF or Excel file, and below that you can then set up the date range, refresh period and next run. For an email report, the ‘Refresh Period’ is how often the report is sent out. The ‘Next Run’ is when the report will start sending out. Populate the ‘Belonging to’ and additional reporting options fields as desired and save once complete.
You have now successfully setup automated reports!
Author: Rosina Mothapo, Control Room Operator – Geotab Africa
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