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Geotab and Advanced FST to Minimize Fire Risk In Mining

Geotab Africa has partnered with Advanced Fire Suppression Technologies to create a new and exciting solution to one of the most threatening risks in the mining and construction industry, fire. Advanced Fire Suppression Technologies is the market leader in fire fighting equipment. With 17 years of firefighting experience, Advanced Fire Suppression Technologies is an authorized distributor of the global premium brands from Tyco Fire Protection Products.
When Geotab Africa talks about mining, Source and Destination is the first thing that comes to mind. Source and Destination is a tool for open-cast mining. It measures productivity in tonnes or engine hours per day; monitors when vehicles start and end production each day; ensures that no vehicles are loitering or being unproductive and is able to use our data to determine the number of yellow machines required to achieve the optimal level of production.
By integrating with the ANSUL Vehicle Fire Suppression System we can now send out live notifications of an alarm or a fault detected in the system with time and date stamps, location of the vehicle, driver and vehicle information. This will lead to a faster preemptive response to driver and vehicle safety.
Author: Francois Kruger, Software Support – Geotab Africa
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