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Lowering Fleet Management Expenses with Geotab

Business costs can skyrocket if mismanaged. It is imperative to adopt processes that ensure your day to day procedures within your business operate as efficiently as possible. In no area is this more crucial, than in the management of a company’s fleet.
Whether it’s managing your average fuel consumption per division or variable factors such as driver behavior, it is important to have a reliable fleet management system. Geotab’s open platform fleet management solution not only informs you of these important bits of information, but is also customizable according to your company’s specifications.
Let’s look at a few ways Geotab hardware and software helps reduce your costs:

Quick Installation

By means of the “plug and play” installation method, installing of your unit is done in a quick and efficient manner; ensuring data can be recorded from the vehicle within minutes of the installation.

Software Development Kit

Through the built in SDK (Software Development Kit), customers are able to integrate the Geotab interface and customize it according to the needs and preferences of the business.

Customizable Reporting

Through customizable reports, fleet or operations managers can set up and receive frequent reports which allow them to get summary or detailed reporting about their vehicle’s trip and exception logs.
By using this data, they are able to determine key factors such as which routes are most efficient for their drivers to take.

Using Exception Logs and Risk Analysis Reports

By using exception logs and risk analysis reports, driver behavior can be analyzed in order to eliminate driving trends that may incur higher fuel costs or regular vehicle maintenance.

The Time Card Report

By making use of the time card report, one can get a breakdown of the average time taken to get from point A to point B, and from there access ways of reducing average travelling time.

Setting Zones and Routes

By setting up zones and routes, by making use of Garmin dispatching, drivers don’t have to spend time memorizing routes which allows a quicker turnaround time in the hiring and training of new drivers.

Using Email Notifications

Email notifications can be setup to notify drivers about vehicle engine warning lights, car light being left on or when the alternator fails.

Adding on Buzzers

By installing buzzers and setting up exception rules, idling time can be limited, which in turn saves on fuel costs.
This is just a few ways Geotab can help your business eliminate unnecessary expenditure. Manage your fleet smarter, not harder and ensure your operations running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
Author: Roderick Forbes, Senior Inventory/Billing Administrator – GEOTAB AFRICA