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Learn To Code

Coding is simply writing statements that are written in a programming language that is understood by a machine. Coding, like any other skill that you may acquire, requires time and dedication, it is not something that happens overnight, but with time and practice you get better and better at it. The first thing you need to have before you learn a programming language is a positive attitude.

Why coding?
One may ask themselves why coding, here is why:
The first reason is that coding makes you smart, because it requires a lot of thinking.
The second reason is, we live in an era that is run by technology and there is no going back, instead, the technology is advancing every day. People who code bring about that necessary change in the world as a whole.
Most corporate jobs involve some kind of data manipulation, and before there were computers all those processes were done manually. Programming has opened an opportunity to automate most processes that previously took a lot of time to do, and just by few lines of code one can provide a solution and get the job done much quicker.
Imagine if your job entailed reading, verifying and modifying data from a huge document. You would probably spend a lot of time doing this kind of work, and it’s not something you can just do and finish overnight, you would probably also need some assistance as well to avoid human errors. With programming knowledge however, you would find a simpler way to do this kind of job, you would spend time writing a script that will do the entire job for you in a matter of seconds, and the nice part about it is that you won’t have to write the same code every time you do your job, you would have to write your code once and the entire process is automated.
Computers are slowly replacing human resource, and one may be asking “why do I need to learn to program” it is in the same way people in the 1500s were probably asking “Why do I need to learn to read” the answer is that not only does it make things easier but it also puts one at an advantage, you may not think you need any programming knowledge in your line of work, but the truth is, maybe if you knew programming your job would be much easier.
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Author: Olwethu Mpayise, Junior Developer – Geotab Africa
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