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#GeotabAfrica – Diary: Transporter Needs Analysis

Loss Control Director of major transport company met with GEOTAB to review possibility of solving some challenges faced in the business relating to productivity of assets and drivers, and how GEOTAB could assist.

Transporter Needs Analysis

The Brief from customer

Problem/Needs Statement

  • Drivers claiming overtime, Customer Loss Control Department suspect drivers lingering at various points on route to increase trip time, therefore claiming overtime after hours.
  • Drivers required to follow sequence of trips as loaded, and expected time of arrivals, time spent at customer site and time left at customer site required, with exception alerts if they don’t arrive on time/delayed, stay too long at customer premises.
  • Drivers possibly off-loading cargo on route illegally, any stops out of zones or for extended times to raise exception alert, these stops to be based on stops and not ignition off stops as per customer current provider.


Solution Description Discussed
  • Departing weighbridge to be zoned to allow and record time-stamp of arrival and departure at departing weighbridge.
  • Security area/Gates to be zoned to allow for time-stamp to be recorded of time truck left departing point.
  • Monitoring of vehicle on route to end destination with any stops not defined as customer to create an exception report.
  • Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) to be defined for customer zones, exception to be created if vehicle not yet arrived at the estimated arrival time.
  • Destination security area/gate to be zoned to record and time-stamp time of arrival.
  • Destination weighbridge to be zoned to record time-stamp at weighbridge.
  • Planned Vs actual routes travelled to be available with exception reports on any deviations at end of trip
Customer also mentioned the following:
  • Customer Point: Data recorded of weight at weighbridges, security checks and fuel bauzers available, surely this can be integrated with telematics data
  • GEOTAB Response: Yes, this will require further review by our IT resources with Customer Resources and SDK possibilities, as long as no hardware middle-ware is required then confident should be possible as we have integrated with similar systems.
Other Points not discussed but that may be of interest to customer
  • Trailer Tracking.
  • Driver Scorecards.
  • Suzie Cable disconnection alerts.
  • Pre-trip driver vehicle inspections.