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Implementing a Fleet Management System to Minimize Operating Costs

As a business, whether you have one single vehicle or thousands of vehicles on your books, it can sometimes be a financial black hole. You pay a high price to obtain these vehicles only to watch them depreciate over the months. It is hard to appreciate depreciation, as it is a big contributor to a company’s bottom line. In the meantime you are also drawing funds away from the business in the likes of fuel, maintenance and accidental claims. Having a proper fleet management system to control and minimise costs, can make business expenses more manageable.
Getting your fleet fitted with a fleet management device such as the Geotab GO7 gives you greater insight into your vehicles’ and drivers’ activities. This in turn gives you greater control of your fleet and although you can never negate the cost of operations, you can utilise this information to make better financial decisions concerning your fleet and in turn reduce expenditure, increase profitability and maximize productivity.
By installing the Geotab GO7 device into your vehicle you can successfully monitor and measure its activities at the comfort of your desk, home or practically anywhere in the world provided you have an internet connection. Data such as driver behaviour, mileage, fuel and routes allow for insight into expenditure and business planning.
Having this data at your fingertips opens new routes to your road to success, so why not re-route with a Geotab GO7 device. Whether customer, business and personal use, ensure your vehicle is being utilised optimally.
Author: Michelle Nel, Financial Manager – GEOTAB AFRICA
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