Find out who did what on MyGeotab

Find out who did what on MyGeotab

As an administrator, you have the access to view MyGeotab user’s logs from login to logout. This will also help you to see if the users are using the System to its full potential.

Audit 1.png

To run the report: Go to…. Administration – System – Audit Log

Audit 0.PNG

You will see the logs for the day. To adjust the dates, click options and select Custom.

Audit 2.png

Audit Types:  This allows you to search a particular type of a log. E.g. who added a device (Vehicle) on the system? In this case, you would search for Add device.

Audit 3.png

Search for remove device….

Audit 4.png

User: This allows you to search the logs for a particular user.

Audit 5.png

Once all is selected click Apply changes. You can pull the report to an excel document by clicking on View then advanced.

Audit 6.png

The report will run again, then click on the excel icon on the top.

Audit 7.png

Author: Aaron Mokoatlo, Software Support – GEOTAB AFRICA

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