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Enabling SMS Notifications

From time to time we receive enquiries on how to setup SMS alerts in the system. Due to factors such as controlling the costing, and rogue rules generating excessive exceptions, it was never introduced as a feature. With today’s advancing technology and the availability of such services on the internet we now have a way of offering SMS alerts as a Value Added Service.
The benefits of adding SMS notifications to the Geotab platform include keeping a larger base of our users informed of things like panic alerts, speeding alerts and driver behaviour exceptions.
Using an Email-to-SMS service now allows a simple and cost-effective way of adding this feature to the system. Most of  the services are Pay-As-You-Go and offer a sliding scale on pricing on bundle packages.
We recently tested the service on and had it up and running within 15 minutes. Instructions on how to register  to the account is online and they have a few different options regarding payment:
WinSMS Credits
Setting it up is as easy as creating a user with the mobile number where the SMS is to be delivered example There is a security feature in that you need to authorise what email address is to be used to receive the messages.
Author: Donovan Garisch, Support Supervisor – GEOTAB AFRICA
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