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Concrete Batching Plant Control

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems prevent organizations from working in silos by facilitating the flow of real-time information across departments, so businesses can make data-driven decisions and manage performance – live. The MyGeotab software has integrated with an ERP system to create a batching plant control solution. This solution can automate core business processes, assist in maintaining regulatory compliance and ensure optimal fleet utilization.

Batching Plants

Cement is the most commonly used material in construction. It is a very important component because it has the ability of enhancing the thickness of concrete and the combining of sand and gravels together in a concrete mix. These ingredients are usually combined in a mixer at a concrete plant, also known as a batch or batching plant.

Batching Plant Control Solution

The Geotab batching plant control solution not only derives data from the Geotab drum rotation sensor, but also pioneers processes that streamline the plant’s operation through the queuing methodology, first in first out. A batch plant operator oversees fleet operations from when a customer order is created, to when the order is assigned to a vehicle (with all its relevant information of location and delivery), to when the vehicle departs from site and finally to the delivery of concrete to the customer. Throughout this process, the ERP is updated, redefining efficient fleet utilization and enabling fast decision making.

There are different levels of access in MyGeotab, which impose certain restrictions depending on the company role and responsibility of the user. This role may be a batch plant operator, who is responsible for their respective plant’s operations and efficiency; or site supervisor, who is responsible for the whole site’s operations and efficiency.

The batching plant control module is divided into three tabs: configuration, queue control and live queue.

The Configuration Tab


The configuration tab is essentially the settings page of a batching plant. Users are able to assign vehicles to sites, manage batching plants, and assign operators to plant and supervisors to a site. In addition, admin can also manage queue remarks. Queue remarks are predefined reasons why a vehicle has not followed the queueing order. Furthermore, commentary can be added to pre-set remarks, justifying change in process.

The Queue Control Tab


A batch plant operator has access to the queue control tab and is restricted to choosing only which plant to operate at, and assigning vehicles that have been in the queue the longest:


The Live Queue Tab


The live queue tab displays all the information on the truck mixer queue, from the arrival of vehicle, time in queue, batch plant to remarks about the vehicle.

The MyGeotab dashboard now allows for complete batching plant control. Users are able to have a complete view of their site, distribute loads evenly across their fleets, measure performance of each batch plant and ultimately optimize the flow of operations and the use of resources across their site.

Author: Whitney Mahapa, Marketing Intern – Geotab Africa

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