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Geotab Africa recently had a tête-à-tête with Sand and Bricks Merchants’ Transport Manager, Mmabatho Diale, to find out how the roll out of Geotab Africa’s products and services for their fleet has enhanced their operations. Geotab Africa understands that businesses need fleet management solutions that are aimed at optimizing the fleet and keeping track of every vehicle’s movement and activity.

Geotab Africa’s smart telematics technology provides Sand and Bricks Merchants with a fleet management solution that minimizes costs and maximizes productivity and profits. Our client profile is made up of a long list of satisfied clients and Sand and Bricks Merchants is one of those benefiting from our invaluable management tool.

Mmabatho Diale, the company’s Transport Manager, indicated that when they joined Sand and Bricks Merchants in 2019, the company was using the old, manual method of fleet management, reporting, and data capturing. In 2020 the company looked for a new digitized way to manage its fleet – “in 2019 when I came to Sand and Bricks Merchants, the company had a telematics solutions provider that did not use the latest, digitized fleet management solution. Our reporting was manual, meaning we had a person capturing data. And then we looked for change”.  Diale went on to explain that the company’s main pain point was optimizing their fleet management –

“I wasn’t happy with having a person capturing data because that creates room for mistakes. I then spoke to our Group Fleet Manager to find a solution that would move us into the new age of fleet management, and we moved to Geotab Africa”.

Diale stated that they researched Geotab Africa’s solutions and loved them – “I appreciated the swift reporting, route optimization, and its integrated platform. We like what they got, and we are happy with what we can do with the system”. Geotab Africa’s fleet management platform, MyGeotab, has continued to make report generation very easy for Sand and Bricks Merchants. Diale elaborated that Sand and Bricks reporting, and data capturing has become very quick, simple, and customized – “the system allows us to create quite customized reports and that’s very key for me”.

Diale commends Geotab Africa’s vehicle tracking system by indicating that as a business, Sand and Bricks Merchants, is now able to monitor every movement of every vehicle in their fleet and observe driving behavior, idling time, location, time spent en route, and optimizing routes – “I have a TV set in my office and I can have a full view of what the vehicles are up to because of Geotab Africa”. They further added that “the integration between drive risk and using one platform to access information is also great for our Transport Controller who’s using the system to schedule trips”.

Diale elaborated that as a business they also enjoy the convenience of visibility and transparency they are afforded by Geotab Africa. Geotab Africa’s vehicle tracking device, GO9, is an innovative real-time vehicle tracking device with an advanced tracking system. This device allows Sand and Bricks Merchants to have access to data on vehicle location, speed, trip distance and time – “we enjoy the visibility and transparency that Geotab Africa affords us”.

For maximized production and time management, Diale indicated that Geotab Africa’s system makes operations fast and easy for them – “My dispatch loaders just check on the system when a truck is coming to load, and they can prepare the load in advance”. Overall, according to Diale, there is a lot of information that Sand and Bricks Merchants can now access faster on Geotab Africa’s interface that they could not get on the systems they used before – “we are using the system to our benefit”.

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