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Choosing the Best Fleet Management System in Africa

As simple as the title of fleet manager sounds, their job entails a lot of work. In between monitoring driver productivity, ensuring safety and compliance, they also need to find ways to reduce costs without limiting productivity and efficiency. Therefore, it is important to choose the fleet management system best suited to your fleet and organisational needs, in order to assist the fleet manager with daily operations. Read more on becoming a great fleet manager.

Despite popular belief, it is not true that all fleet management systems work the same. While they may all be giving vehicle operating data, they all differ in the quality of information, their software, and packages – meaning the difference is in the type of data accessible to customers, the way it is transmitted and key features of the software.

Why Choose Geotab as your Fleet Management Solutions Provider?

1. Easy to Use Fleet Management Software

Geotab’s web-based fleet management platform, MyGeotab, has a user-friendly, feature-filled interactive interface. It is available to all Geotab customers and can be accessed remotely through a web-enabled computer, laptop or mobile phone.

2. Accurate Real-Time Insight on Driver Behaviour

To relay data, MyGeotab relies on a patented curve logging algorithm. This type of logging offers accurate real-time insight into your drivers’ on-road performance, recording every turn, curve, and stop. In addition, fleet managers can access detailed reports on vehicle performance such as fuel usage and speeding. This enables fleet managers to understand how fuel consumption is impacted by driving habits, and implement improvements. Read more on how to run a report on MyGeotab.

3. Optimally Deploy Fleets with the Route Optimization Tool

The route optimization tool on MyGeotab helps fleet managers to find the most efficient and cost-effective routes to be used by drivers when delivering. This allows drivers to avoid traffic, long routes and make deliveries on time while saving their own operating time and avoiding fuel wastage.

4. Improve Driver Safety with In-Vehicle Driver Coaching Assistance

The MyGeotab software incorporates an Exception Rules feature that allows fleet managers to create interactive alerts that can help drivers identify and improve driving behaviour. The alerts can be initiated for excessive speeding, idling time and harsh braking. When the rules are broken, both fleet managers and drivers are notified via email, in-app or through the use of an in-vehicle audible beep.  Read more on how to prevent dangerous driver behaviour with exception rules.

5. Enhance Driver Safety through the Accident Detection Feature

In order to assist drivers in preventing accidents, Geotab’s GPS vehicle tracking software has an accident detection feature. The patented technology identifies vehicle in-reverse motions and gives drivers a reminder to be extra cautious during this activity.

6. Expandable Enough to Meet Any Fleet Need

Geotab’s fleet management system allows for expandability by integrating add-ons and third-party applications, which you can access via the Geotab Marketplace. This means that fleet managers can further enhance productivity by installing third-party applications like Fleetio, which allows them to manage assets, maintenance, fuel usage, and driving behaviour. Fleet managers can also use add-ons like the GOTALK, which uses text-to-speech technology to enable managers to issue directives without drivers having to touch the phone.

7. Optimal Data Security

In terms of data security, Geotab ranks among the most trusted brands in the world. To ensure data security, privacy, and integrity, a cryptographic module has been embedded within the GO7 vehicle tracking device. This means that Geotab uses a combination of in-cab hardware and firmware to implement cryptographic functions such as encryption and authentication to every solution transmitted between the vehicle and the GO7 vehicle tracking device, giving customers full power and control over their own data. Read more about our military-grade encryption validated by the U.S. and Canadian Governments.

8. Multiple Customer Support Platforms

Systems failure is very common. Geotab offers both technical and non-technical support, through multiple platforms, for any issues faced by the fleet management system user. These platforms include:

  • Customer care centre: Engage with Geotab consultants by calling +2711 564 5400 or 0861-GEOTAB/436-822
  • Support forum: Find a wealth of valuable information and answers to various user questions
  • Support documentation: Information on the various hardware components
  • Online support: Geotab’s TeamViewer assistance app

Author: Vishnu Perumalsamy, Managing Director – Geotab Africa

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