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Choosing Correct Telematics Harnesses

Most (if not all) vehicles today, provide a wealth of data via the diagnostic port. This can aid in effective fleet management, especially if you have the means to read this data live.
Maximize the richness of telematics data by effortlessly tapping into the vehicle’s data bus, and simultaneously optimizing installation time, by choosing the right harness for your GO device.

Plugging the Go Device into the OBD port
The data bus can provide valuable information such as:

  • Seatbelt usage
  • RPM
  • Odometer
  • Various engine temperatures
  • Engine hour data

… and much more!

Deep Install of the Go Device
Geotab offers a range of T type harnesses for a variety of makes of vehicles. These harnesses allow for the GO device unit to be mounted in a location optimized for GPS signal, whilst avoiding important things like your gas pedal, brake pedal and steering control for obvious safety reasons.
In addition, the harness allows for vehicle manufacturers to connect to the diagnostic port of the vehicle, without having to remove the telematics device. The correct harness reduces the risk of tampering as well as reducing liabilities. There are no miss-wiring or reflection issues, which occur when the harness is too long for the vehicle network. The use of improperly designed harnesses can cause a host of electrical and mechanical issues which would increase your liability.
Learn more on the guide to the Geotab Harness
Author: Preston Govender, Technical Support Co-ordinator – Geotab Africa
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