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Stay connected with GeoTrax

Stay connected with GeoTrax

As technology changes, there is a constant need to stay connected with what is most important to you as a business. GEOTAB AFRICA would like to introduce you to GeoTrax by ZenduIT, an app designed to meet the needs of fleet manager/controllers on the go.

With just a few clicks of a button, you will have your entire fleet at your fingertips. This will enable you to keep an eye on your fleet even when out of office.

This tiny, yet handy app will allow you to:

  • Search for your vehicles.
  • View engine faults – vehicle dependent.
  • View trip history with breadcrumb technology.
  • Driver scorecards – based on your company policies.
  • View fuel usage, both driving and idling – Vehicle dependent.
  • View all your exceptions – rules based on company policy or posted road speeds.
  • View the live location of your vehicle – switch between satellite view and street view.

You can Download GeoTrax for Apple and Android.

 Steps to get connected:

Once downloaded, open up the app and fill in your GEOTAB username and password. Expand advanced options and fill in your database URL and Database Name, which can be found in the browser you use to connect to MyGEOTAB.

In this example, the URL is : and the database name is: geotab1_za

gotrax browser geotab database.png

 Once all your details are filled in, click login to get connected.

Gotrax login screen.jpg

Search for a specific vehicle, sort by group or view the group on a map to get an overview of where your fleet is.

General status: Green = driving , Red = stopped and Black = no communication.

gotrax vehicles view.png

After selecting your vehicle, you will get a general overview as seen below, which you can expand to get further details.


Locate: This will allow you to see your vehicles on a map, in order to view its live position.

Gotrax view vehicle map.png

Trip History: This will allow you to view a breadcrumb trail of your fleet. You can also easily switch between the different days of the week by selecting the buttons at the bottom. You can further view a list of trips or exceptions by selecting the relevant buttons.


Driver Score: View driver scores based on your internal company policies.

gotrax driver score 2.png
More info can be found in this Video Demo :
Author: Sugandran Kannigan, Software Support – GEOTAB AFRICA

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