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MyGeotab SARS Logbook Report

From 2011, any person who receives a travel allowance is required to present a logbook to the South African Revenue Service (SARS) before any travel tax claim can be processed.
Imagine doing your logbook manually. This can take up a substantial amount of time to backtrack and record trips accurately. The date, opening and closing odometer readings, destination, reason for the visit and whether it was business or private travel, had to be recorded in trip logbooks.
The logbook issue has become a liability to any company, whether you are driving a company-owned vehicle or simply opted for a travel allowance, sometimes using your private vehicle for business purposes.

MyGeotab SARS Logbook offers the following:

  • Odometer readings are recorded automatically
  • Keeps a logbook of all your business and private travels throughout the year
  • Calculates your opening kilometres for the full year
  • Calculates your closing kilometres for the full year

Using the SARS Logbook Report:

  • All customers that are zoned are automatically seen as business
  • All trips made for either business or private can be selected with a click of a mouse
  • By selecting your business or private trips, your odometer readings are automatically updated on the report itself
  • All dates, odometer readings and trips are automatically saved which will save valuable time when completing your annual tax returns.

SARS requires that you keep your logbook for a period of at least five years from the date of submission of your return as you may be required to submit it to SARS to back up your claim. MyGeotab stores all your logbook needs from the day that a device was fitted into your vehicle.
Author: Jenny Ras, Call Centre Supervisor – Geotab Africa
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