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Know your drivers

Know your drivers

Tampering with GEOTAB’s GO device as well as breaking company policies can be identified quite easily…

All the below forms of tampering and policy infringements can be sent directly to you via email as soon as the unit is reconnected or when a technician comes out to do a repair on the “faulty unit”:

  • Fuse removal/ cutting of wiring / unplugging OBD port connector / antenna tampering.
  • Carrying of passengers is detected with door monitoring through an IOX auxiliary add-on which is compatible with both the GO6 and GO7 device.
  • Unauthorized stops where the cargo doors are being opened is a major problem with a simple solution, also using the IOX auxiliary to monitor cargo doors opening and closing.
  • Fuel theft can now also be managed through GEOTAB AFRICA’s new fuel monitoring solution.

Knowing and trusting your drivers shouldn’t be rocket science, all you need is the correct tools.

Author: Michael Le Pere, Technician – GEOTAB AFRICA