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A Customizable Way to Track your Assets

What is Bluetooth Technology?
Enabled devices contain a small computer chip that includes Bluetooth® radio and software that allows it to connect to nearby devices using radio waves. Bluetooth® technology has been built into nearly every phone, laptop, desktop, and tablet, and because of its low energy, sensors can last for months, and even years without replacing batteries.
GPS Tracking for Fleets with IOX-Bluetooth
IOX-BT can be used as a scanner for any third-party beacons with a public MAC address that are in range. This allows you to track and identify the last known location of equipment that is fitted with beacons. Beacons use Bluetooth® technology to broadcast signals to Geotab’s GO7 device, a smartphone, or other connected device that comes within range.
Beacons aren’t only about sending location coordinates but about self-identification. Your Geotab GO device will automatically create a log when a beacon is within range, and when it’s out of range, and deliver that information to your MyGeotab account, allowing you to effectively track your assets. Geotab’s GO7 device also supports select beacons with embedded sensors such as temperature or light sensors, whose sensor data is included in their publicly broadcast signals.
Tracking your movable assets helps:

  • increase asset utilization,
  • reduce delays from misplaced equipment,
  • boost productivity,
  • reduce operational costs,
  • improve on-time delivery.

With the launch of Geotab’s IOX Bluetooth (IOX-BT), a Bluetooth® low energy Add-On, doing that just got a little easier.
How it works:
IOX-BT in combination with Bluetooth® low energy beacons lets you track assets such as:

  • inventory,
  • containers,
  • tools,
  • equipment

OX-BT supports proximity beacons that use a public MAC address. Beacons transmit information via your GO device back to MyGeotab to manage.
Some beacons include embedded sensors to measure:
Embedded sensors measure proximity, impact, temperature, light exposure and battery life.
Limit asset loss and minimize time spent backtracking for forgotten equipment with IOX-BT and beacons.

  1. If you haven’t done so already, install a Geotab GO7 device in your vehicle.
  2. To use IOX-BT: Plug the IOX-BT into the GO device and install IOX-BT per the install instructions. Attach a beacon with a public MAC address to your movable asset. (toolbox)
  3. Your GO device will automatically generate a log every time your beacon is within range, or out of range. Now you can access all of your beacon status data with reports on MyGeotab, helping you keep track of your unpowered asset.

Author: Tony Zanninello, Senior Technician  – GEOTAB AFRICA

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