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Harnessing the power of IOX

The GEOTAB GO7 device is the world’s only expandable plug-&-play vehicle telematics platform that allows for unique IOX expandability. The IOX-AUX gives you the opportunity to monitor a variety of vehicle inputs, allowing you to comprehensively manage your fleet.

Your IOX-AUX has four inputs and comes configured as Aux 1-4. Connect the desired auxiliaries in the vehicle to the IOX-AUX wires as needed. If more than four auxiliaries are required, please see Expanding your IOX-AUX, as it can be increased to 8 Auxiliaries.

Aux 1 = Blue, Aux 2 = Orange, Aux 3 = Green, Aux 4 = White

Examples of inputs that GEOTAB AFRICA can monitor using the IOX-AUX:

  1. Passenger door and Seat occupancy:

Passenger door, driver door and passenger seat notifications can be set-up by integrating vehicle door switches and seat occupancy sensors. This can also be installed in vehicles that are manufactured without them. We will integrate vehicle sensors with the GO7 device using the IOX-AUX to monitor unwanted passengers, by determining when doors are opened and closed as well as when passenger seats are occupied. Some fleet drivers, especially truck drivers, make extra cash by transporting hitchhikers from point to point. Although legal, some companies’ internal policy prohibits this.

  1. PTO

With our GO7 device and the IOX-AUX, you can monitor the power activity for any type of digital input on your vehicle. These include power take off (PTO), tow arms, lift gates, pumps and more. The system will keep a record of each time a switch system is turned on or off. It’s an easy way to gain a deeper insight into how your equipment is being used and it gives you the ability to identify issues and make improvements.

  1. Fuel flap

Fuel theft is a growing and pervasive problem worldwide. With IOX-AUX, the GO7 can be configured to monitor when fuel flaps are opened and closed on machinery, equipment, or vehicles. One can also receive these notifications by email from a GEOTAB fleet report. Combine this with our fuel monitoring solution for more detailed reporting and management.

  1. Cargo doors

Cargo theft is a global problem affecting customers and traders alike. In today’s economy, raw material manufacturing and sourcing often happens at a factory, while the finished product is warehoused and consumed. Cargo can be stolen at any point in between, compromising product integrity and availability. With the GO7 and IOX-AUX, we can detect and monitor when cargo doors are opened by integrating our system to door sensors. This will help detect theft and ensure cargo is secure from origin to destination.

  1. Driver-assist button

A reliable driver-assist button can also be connected to an auxiliary, in order for drivers to send an assist notification as needed. Once the button is triggered it communicates with our control room by sending them a notification and allowing them to take further action.

With the IOX-AUX and our GEOTAB GO7 device, fleets can identify various types of activities. From plough up/down notifications on snowploughs to rear door open/close on delivery vans… your options are endless.

Author: Onish Hira, Junior Technical Support Coordinator – GEOTAB AFRICA