#GeotabAfrica – Social unrest and risk management with Geotab Go-Talk

Social unrest and risk management with Geotab Go-Talk

Unfortunately Social unrest and trucks being burnt to the ground is becoming a real risk… and our customers are looking for answers to allow pre-warning their drivers of these “hot spots” across the country, as it happens, when it happens…and only to the drivers that may be entering such an area

We have tested  our instant zone creation combined with our in-cab VOICE ALERTS using the GEOTAB GO-Talk device to facilitate this requests, and the results are very promising and could save our customers significant damage and losses…

So the system works as follows…as social unrest and risk areas are reported our customers create a temporary risk area zone instantly within the GEOTAB system, using our highly accurate zoning system (sub 3m accuracy)…if any driver within the fleet enters the specific area a voice alert is sent via the GEOTAB Go-Talk interface… and in an in-cab VOICE COMMAND will inform driver that he/she is entering a social unrest area, and thus driver could perform required action as required by company…

The impact of being able to alert only the affected fleet, instantly, is immensely powerful and aids not just in managing risks of material nature but also to aid in not spreading panic and concern where it is not required…

If you want to find out more just send a mail with your contact details to info@geotabafrica.com and GEOTAB will arrange a visit to showcase to you with a live demonstration or we can set up a skype session to take you through the entire solution

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