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#GeotabAfrica: Product Announcement: New IOX Beta Versions Being Tested


The IOX-ANALOG was developed to provide flexibility in supporting different types of sensors in a vehicle. It is similar to IOX-AUX in that it transmits changes in voltage, but different in that it sends the actual voltage values rather than simple on/off conditions.

These voltage readings can then be translated into levels, heights, depths, temperatures, etc. that make sense to the user and the sensor being monitored. Use cases are many but common ones may be to monitor secondary battery voltages, liquid flow meters, temperature, pressure, etc. 4 analog inputs are available per IOX.

How It Works

The GO device uses curve logic to determine changes in voltage. Resolution is adjusted based on the highest detected voltage and the voltage readings supported are from 0 to 30 volts.

The GO device will log fluctuations larger than 100mV even when ignition is off however these logs will only get sent the next time the GO device is connected. A voltage fluctuation does not trigger a modem connection to the server.