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#GeotabAfrica – Mining Effective Fleet Design Rate vs Actual Solution

How do you know that your load and haul fleet is running optimally?

Throughput alone is not enough and to move down the cost curve, leaders in modern mining are required to drive productivity and make important decisions in a high-paced environment, and managers needs to turn data into information, knowledge and insights, as opposed to sifting through charts, datasheets and tables of data.

The Root problem in a productivity environment is that haul vehicles are highly susceptible to variability, this due to the repetitive and cyclical nature of their work, timing is everything.
A typical haul truck moves between tip and shovel, accelerating, braking and stopping, and requires these movements to be optimized at a specific rate for the cycle, any break in this cycle will have a massive reduction on productivity and impact the entire fleet cycles.
Stabilizing the load and haul process is the first step towards unlocking the cost savings and productivity optimum point for your fleet in the pit.
GEOTAB attacks the variability and bottlenecks in real-time, allowing you to instantly address the specific issues that breaks the cycles and limits productivity, such as trucks spending too long in loading areas.
You will be in control of your machines and their performance from source to sink, with easy uploading of mine plans, real-time material tracking, eliminating contamination of materials due to re-handling of material and on the fly knowledge of floor stock levels.
The added benefits are that you will have accurate data on shift performance, tally totals and ability to improve your real performance against the fleets effective design rate.
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