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#GeotabAfrica and Fleet #TyreManagement

Steve Swart, our Business Development Manager for KZN today presented what I considered a very interesting presentation indeed.

The presentation was on tyre management solution from one of our Value Added Partners that integrate with the GEOTAB Fleet Monitoring service, a solution that measures tyre pressures as well as tyre temperatures at different points during a journey.

The specific presentation results were based on a Horse and Trailer, across several days, and it was very interesting to see both the pressure increasing by more than 20% during different parts of the day, as well as the temperature, in this specific case the temperature and pressures peaked late in the afternoon at about 16:00 and from there started declining again until about 21:00.

What was even more interesting was to see the different pressures and temperatures on the different wheels, raising the question if this was due to truck load weight distribution or perhaps different tyre manufacturers, which we will check with next test.

This solution we can see will add significant value to the trucking and heavy equipment industry, we will update you over the next few weeks as we complete our different tests on the integration into the GEOTAB Checkmate system for this specific customer.