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GEOTAB Marketplace Now Launched!

Geotab Launches Business Focused Marketplace of Platform Applications and Add-Ons for Commercial Telematics

Customers Across the Globe Draw Significant Benefits from Fleet Customization for MyGeotab Platform

Toronto, Ontario – Jul 15 2015 – Geotab a leading global provider of premium quality, end-to-end telematics technology, today announced the launch of the first version of the Geotab Marketplace, a robust complement to the MyGeotab platform that provides customers with an extensive ecosystem of valuable business-focused applications and add-ons. Already a go-to source for top organisations requiring GPS fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions, Geotab Marketplace applications will be available to more than 12,000 Geotab customers.

“As leaders in commercial telematics for over a decade, Geotab recognises that customers in different industries can draw value from a level of operational customisation,” said CEO Neil Cawse, Geotab INC. “By providing access to a marketplace featuring such robust applications and add-ons, customers of all sizes have the opportunity to significantly extend the use-case of their fleet management and telematics services, and further reap the benefits of the MyGeotab platform.”

Examples of third party applications and add-ons found in the Geotab Marketplace include: vision-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that provide real-time warnings for collision prevention and mitigation, corporate fuel card purchase auditing, field force automation (FFA), accounting administration and CRM data integration, and driver training safety solutions.

Geotab is on track to feature over 200 third party applications in the Geotab Marketplace by the end of the year and solidifying its continued leadership in commercial telematics.

“What makes our Marketplace unique is that any third party application developer or Customer can develop new Marketplace applications using the free and accessible Geotab Software Development Kit”, says Vice President Colin Sutherland, Global Sales and Marketing, Geotab. “Geotab enables Customers to integrate data in an open, collaborative way, which accelerates a business’s strategic use of data”.

MyGeotab is an intuitive, full-featured solution that assists businesses of all sizes to better manage drivers and vehicles by extracting accurate, actionable intelligence from real-time and historical trips data. Fortune 500 companies rely on Geotab’s solutions to improve productivity, optimise fleets through the reduction of fuel consumption, enhance driver safety and achieve stronger compliance to regulatory changes.

The company’s products are represented and sold worldwide through its Authorised Reseller network on five continents and service over 12,000 customers. Today, 600 million telematics data-points are collected on MyGeotab every day, deeming it one of the world’s leading global telematics platforms, in which unique data collection from vehicles can be used for intelligent benchmarking to improve overall performance and safety for any fleet.

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