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The future of fuel cost saving is here… You can improve your fuel consumption, fuel wastage and fuel theft by using the Fuel Data gathered on MyGeotab.

When it comes to cost saving, the first thing a Fleet Manager would look at is the fuel consumption of each vehicle. With the ever-increasing price of fuel, the total time a vehicle spends idling or driving inefficiently (at high RPM or speed), it’s easy to see how quickly the cost of fuel accumulates.

To reduce the amount of fuel used by each vehicle, the first step would be to identify where and when the higher usages occur. One of the easiest methods is by using GEOTAB’s fuel usage reports.

To pull a fuel usage report all you need to do is go to the Engine and Maintenance tab, then click on the Fuel Usage button. From here you click on options and specify the time period as well as select the vehicle(s) you’d like to see the fuel statistics for.

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The benefits of using fuel data to manage your fleet includes:

  • Reducing fuel theft.
  • Reducing total cost per km.
  • Identifying drivers with fuel wasting driving behaviour.
  • Determining which vehicles have a higher than average cost per km.

Author: Marijke Fourie – Key Account Manager, GEOTAB AFRICA