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Effective communication in the workplace means a foundation for success, both for your company and overall employee happiness.

How do you keep your team’s communication levels high?

Communication is not only an important skill to the environment with human interactions but also in the workplace. Communication is a very important element to any business to the road of success.

It is not about mitigating conflict but an important factor to any client relationship, profitability, team effectiveness and employee engagement.

Communication can mitigate Conflict:

  • This normally occurs when there is clear tension in the workplace.
  • Misunderstanding / feeling misunderstood.
  • Not understanding how other people communicate.
  • Someone feeling their emotion needs are not being met or are being disregarded.

It is important to stay in touch with employees by receiving regular insights from our leadership development experts.

How does communication improve an employee’s engagement?

  • Gives you tools to better understand the needs and goals of your employees.
  • Allows you to understand what motivates the employee.
  • Employee’s talents and skills are understood better and not unnoticed.
  • Talents and skills are developed in line with company goals.
  • More positive and satisfying work environment amongst co-workers
  • Better relationship between managers and leaders.

How does communication create better client relationships?

When an employee has to face a client on a regular basis, it is imported to have a satisfied customer rather than a disgruntled one.

Your employee should be trained to be able to connect with others so that they can:

  • Mitigate and resolve conflict.
  • Understand the client’s needs.
  • Help the customer feel understood.
  • Present new information in a way which the client will be more receptive.

How does good communication result in more productive and talented workforce?

  • Understanding team talents and skills.
  • Achieving more by-ins from employees.
  • Creative and innovative thoughts.
  • Strategic team building and decisions on delegation, employee development to drive business success.

At the end of the day good communication isn’t about being more accurate about presenting information and ideas, it is about mitigating conflict and creating a more positive team environment.

Communication is integral to:

  • Sales
  • Client relationships
  • Team development
  • Company culture
  • Employee engagement
  • Buy-ins
  • Innovative thought.

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Author: Jenny Ras, Call Center Supervisor – Geotab Africa

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