“The implications for improving productivity in the South African mining sector are clear. Companies serious about both cost control and optimum productivity need to have a greater focus on the efficiency of their equipment. This means stepping beyond short term cost reduction initiatives and a preoccupation with not just extra tonnes leaving the mines, but optimum tonnes”, the days of productivity only is for now a strategy of the past.

Security Patrol


Security companies are expected to provide a high quality service to their customers, whether this being armed response, patrol visibility or guarding services, whilst management of security companies also need to manage business in such a manner that ensure optimum financial returns for business.

Various Trucks


The Trucking and Transport Industry is a highly competitive industry and cost management is an essential part of the business, including safety on the road, and South African roads is deemed some of the most dangerous in the world, whilst drivers and operators also face other challenges such as social unrest that could at times lead to damage to property of operators

Bus Retro


We know that bus owners not only want their buses to run more efficiently and be more productive, but also provide commuters with a safe and reliable mean of transportation. This is exactly were the GEOTAB Solution shows its true colours and competitive edge.

Tow Truck

Tow Truck

Fast, efficient and timely… This is what the towing industry is all about.

Tow trucks need to get to the tow area and provide their services as quickly as possible. In order to do so, the GEOTAB Solution helps you to dispatch the nearest driver to an accident or breakdown. Our software also optimises the fastest route, which reduces fuel and maintenance cost. With your eye on each driver, one can also eliminate unauthorised side jobs as well as the usage of vehicles after-hours.

Emergency Vehicle


Whether your fleet consist of paramedic vehicles, ambulances or even vehicles involved in the transportation of medical supplies you know that all trips are not only time-sensitive but also require much care.

With route optimisation and dispatching through Garmin, the fastest route will always be send to your vehicle, while the accelerometer picks-up and flags all harsh driving behaviours and immediately notifies the driver via an in-cab buzzer or Text-To-Speech.