Why fleet Management…


When planning a family get-away big or small, unless you have a huge bank balance and don’t care about the costs involved, you probably spend a lot of time planning, budgeting and exploring all the possibilities to make the most of your time and hard earned cash. So why should you treat your fleet any different, since it’s the driving force of your potential income.


Fleet Management on a Budget


The measurement of any well-run fleet is its budget. Creating and maintaining that budget is a major aspect of fleet management. Success is often measured by how well costs can be controlled or lowered. So, setting up a budget — although not always the most anticipated task for a fleet manager — is important work nevertheless.


15 Security Recommendations for Building a Telematics Platform Resilient to Cyber Threats


The connected vehicle provides countless new benefits, namely safety, efficiency, and convenience. However, connecting vehicles to the internet has opened up concerns over cyber security and sparked an industry-wide discussion.


Insight to a solution process


In today’s market, companies do not have the freedom to invest in products or services that are “nice to have”. Although this seems like a broad statement, the fact remains that what may be a need by one department, may be seen by another department as unnecessary. Now as a Business Development Manager for the fastest growing fleet telematics company in the world, I too come across this problem from time-to-time. How does GEOTAB AFRICA overcome this hurdle?


Improved Bureau Reporting – Powered By Trojan Telematics


GEOTAB AFRICA has recently announced a new custodian for their advanced analytics facility called Bureau. As such Bureau is revised, revived and ready to bear pivotal business insights, thanks to a strategic change of course powered by Trojan Telematics.


How to group your vehicles


In a world where efficiency is everything, finding a means to categorise and organise things becomes the order of the day. When you are a fleet manager or system administrator dealing with a countless number of vehicles or machinery, it can be a tiresome task, especially if you deal with each vehicle on a one-by-one basis.