Hijacking and Fleet Driver Safety

Saw an article on truck hijackings and thought I would add a very brief view on this,  as a conversation starter, I am sure that a book could be written on this subject and that we have great minds in the industry that can address this problem collectively and very effectively, so here we go…

To me the most valuable cargo is in fact not the fuel or the cargo such as cigarettes, but the drivers that drive these trucks.

The criminals involved in these hijackings have on numerous occasions showed how ruthless they can be, and a life lost cannot be brought back, whilst cargo can be insured.

I believe that the current Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Tracking systems is a relatively good measure, however with the advent of jammers and the fact that these criminals believe they have a chance to get away, (therefore they will continue to try),we as industry players need to put our heads together to deal with this threat more effectively.

We need to use a combination of technology, software and pro-active training to counter the threat, combined with intelligence on the offset points of goods stolen.

Examples include new technology such as Fogging system for cabs, cargo areas etc, such as used in retail stores to combat robberies.

The telematics software available today is very advanced, and through the use of driver behaviour analysis, red flags can be raised when that driver behaviour changes, indicating possible situation in the cab.

Similarly “outside cab” solar powered devices could prove useful when initial device is jammed, with activation only required when initial device is jammed.

Driver training on how to act when hijacked is also an important part of the strategy as ultimately it’s them that’s in the firing line, together with remote panic buttons etc.

I am also aware of patents around fuel that has the power to virtually eliminate fuel theft.

Further to that I am also aware of a bunch of young entrepreneurs working on system to validate “real” SAPS vs Bogus SAPS vehicles.

These are just examples to get the conversation going and I am sure if we put together a “think tank” in this regard then we will come up with a “Super Plan” that will significantly reduce hijackings, cargo loss and ultimately increased driver safety, and savings that will run into millions, with the whole industry benefitting as a whole.

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