Geotab Personal Tracker

What it is:

The Geotab Personal Tracker is a tracking terminal with GNSS, GSM, and Bluetooth connectivity, which can collect location details of the user and transfer them via GSM network to a server. The device was designed for staff that perform job tasks without direct supervision, or that are potentially risky and may occur outside of regular working hours.


The Personal Tracker boasts the following features:
1.      Two – way voice communication
High-quality voice communication allows for employees to communicate easily without using their mobile devices, which eliminates the potential for the distraction of lone workers, ensures safety, and higher productivity.
2.      Slim design for comfortable everyday use
The devices can simultaneously be worn and used as staff ID badges. The device can be placed on a lanyard or belt as preferred.
3.      Bluetooth for external devices and Low Energy sensor
The Bluetooth mode for external devices maintains the custom distance between staff members as required by their employers. The technology features low energy consumption.
4.      Man-Down, Alarm & No Movement scenarios
The man-down and no-movement detection functionality of the Personal Tracker alerts managers to potential accidents of staff members. If these scenarios are detected, an alert can be triggered to the chosen contact call centre.
5.      Up to 5 Call/SMS recipients in case of an emergency event
In the instance that an emergency occurs, the user of the Personal Tracker can trigger a notification to five recipients. The users can opt to message or make a call to the recipients on their emergency contact list, ensuring a swift response in a critical situation.
6.      5 configurable buttons
The device has five configurable buttons, allowing the user to pre-program numbers to each button. The smart configuration and user-friendly interface ensures that the users can customise their user experience.

Personal Tracker Use Cases:

Amber Alert

Suitable for lone workers that must perform a hazardous task or are required to enter a dangerous location. The Amber Alert function records their location and planned duration of the activity.
If the Alarm button is pressed or time runs out, a recorded audio message is sent to an Emergency Call Centre. Companies can then locate the employee and assist them in emergencies.

Charging and Disinfecting Stations

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Personal Tracker can assist employees in maintaining a safe social distance when in the working environment. This is done through a smart alarm function.

The device is placed in a charging room, where it is recharged via a USB port and is disinfected at the end of the employee’s shift.


The proximity monitoring functionality of the Personal Tracker is highly effective in the tourism industry. Hotels can implement the device for staff and guests to ensure safe distances are maintained in common areas. The device provides a full list of interactions with other contacts and allows for tracing as required. In the event of exposure to COVID-19, a hotel could instantly quarantine affected personnel and inform their guests about the potential risk.

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