Revolutionize Your Fleet with the New GO9 Telematics Device

The Geotab GO9 is a small form-factor device that boasts the latest fleet tracking technology. There are six new features to assist business owners in reducing fleet expenditure, increasing mobile asset productivity and efficiency, improving driver and fleet safety, and strengthening compliance.

The GO9 telematics device has been created to provide a framework for our new platform and additional capabilities to provision for electric vehicles (EVs) and global expansion.

Improved Memory and Processing Speed

With a 32-bit processor, more memory and RAM, the device is designed to receive future features and functions as they are released. The new device provides you with four times more memory and five times more RAM than the previous model. The processing speed and memory of the digital device dramatically improves its longevity, storage and calculation capabilities.

Global Navigation Satellite System

The latest Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) module has been included to support GLONASS and GPS.

The network of multiple satellites allows for GNSS receivers to pick up signals from other systems, in the rare case that a system failure or obstruction is experienced. Additional satellites improve the accuracy of location data, speeds up latch time (time-to-first-fix) and boosts data accessibility.

Gyroscope & Enhanced Accelerometer

To understand driving behaviour and conduct accident reconstruction, the Geotab GO device has long been using accelerometers that measure a vehicle’s acceleration and braking. This functionality has been further improved in the GO9 with the addition of the gyroscope.

A gyroscope measures angular velocity and enables the GO9 device to provide enhanced data. Data is enriched with additional granularity to assist in minimizing aggressive driving and collision-type events. Fleet managers are able to better manage their drivers’ safety and avoid unplanned downtime due to vehicle repairs. Read more about how driver behaviour impacts total cost of ownership.

The Geotab GO9 can sense the vehicle’s orientation in real-time with the new addition of a 3D gyroscope and 3-axis auto-calibrating accelerometer.

Benefits include:

  • Improved harsh braking detection
  • Improved acceleration data
  • Improved accident data

Over-the-air Updates

Over-the-air (OTA) updates enables automatic software updates for the Geotab GO device. This ensures that the device is consistently up to date with firmware updates for maintenance, new features, or custom applications. Device functionality can also be turned on or switched off over-the-air.

This important benefit allows fleets more time in the field and less time spent on device management and updates.

From initial install, the firmware running on the GO9 device is consistently the most recent version, ensuring device security, safety and efficiency.

Provisioning Process for Firmware Updates

The new provisioning process introduced with the Geotab GO9 device, ensures that a device has the most up-to-date firmware, updates, customized settings, and security at the time of install. This assists in minimizing any problems that may occur because of devices running outdated firmware.

The provisioning process takes place once the device is connected to the vehicle, begins receiving power, and connects to the cellular network.

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Author: The Geotab Africa Team

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