Choosing the Right Telematics Partner

A new frontier for the development of human life and systems presented itself at the beginning of the millennium. Advancements would seek to capture and improve the industries of communication, transport, commerce and entertainment. This would be achieved through innovative improvements to already existing systems or new breakthroughs to solve known problems.

Geotab Africa has been at the forefront of its respective industry, being one of the pioneering players in Fleet Management Solutions in Africa. At the dawn of the new democracy in South Africa, the advent of a need to transform lives and bring about a surge in social development became more evident. This need was not only seen on a social scale but on a technological and economical level as well.

Established in 1996, Geotab Africa would seek to improve an area that is mostly a daunting task for the average logistical business, managing a fleet of vehicles and ensuring efficient use through concrete evidence of usage. Targeting this area would guarantee a clear image and estimation of costs to a company and outline liabilities, among other things. If there ever was a time in which information was highly valued and shared, it is in our information age.

The analytics provided from a Geotab GO device would capture everything relevant to running a fleet as an entity. From the speed covered at a given time to engine data and basic tracking, the modern fleet owner would now have a middle man in assisting him with an aspect of his company that could have otherwise proven costly and challenging.

Innovation is fundamentally founded on sustainability. Should there be innovation without sustainability, a reversal of efforts is bound to occur leaving us with a problem we had attempted to solve initially. Read more on our Six Pillars of Innovation. Not only does Geotab Africa provide an innovative solution to the client but also ensures its sustainability backed by real-time data which further is a protective interest in the client’s growth.

All clients are assigned a unique database that carries all relevant information pertaining to their fleet. At their discretion, this information can be retrieved by either Geotab Africa’s Control room team or the client.

In order to facilitate an effective budget, companies are heavily invested in knowing how the resources of the company, in this case the vehicles, are being used at all times. Read more on Asset Tracking with Telematics. A vehicle’s entire Trip History can be attained from the database:

  • By selecting the vehicle from the “Vehicles” option
  • Viewing its current location on the map
  • Selecting the “Trip History” option from the panel of options available.

Learn more about Geotab’s Built-in Reports.

The client will proceed to then specify the time and date of the particular Trip they wish to retrieve by:

  • Selecting the “Options” drop down. Among others, a “Custom” option is available here to detail the desired information to be retrieved.
  • The system will automatically load the data required as specified.
  • Once completed, the user selects the “Report” drop down to select the “Advanced Detailed Trips Report” option.
  • An excel report will then be available for perusal.

Our user-friendly interface allows users to keep track of their vehicles and set rules according to their preferences. Learn more about Designing a Custom Dashboard Report.

As we advance into the 21st century, the space for solutions-based services grows ever wider more especially throughout the opportunity-ridden continent of Africa. Geotab Africa levels with the best of its industry and a monopoly of service can surely be achieved over the course of the coming years out of a necessity for accurate representation of asset usage for companies and a partner as invested in a client’s growth. A blossoming industry, the field of Fleet Management Solutions will surely become synonymous with Geotab Africa in the coming years.

Three Steps to Choosing the Right Telematics Partner

  1. Create your Strategy and Set your Goals

Creating a telematics strategy requires careful consideration, and is a prerequisite to sourcing a telematics solution. Your exact business problems should be identified and solved prior to addressing hardware and accessories. This will make it easier to build your ultimate fleet management package. An example of a goal could be to decrease arrival time at a client. Read more on our First Responder Solution.

  1. Choose the Plan that Supports your Fleet Management Goals

Geotab Africa offers three standard rate plans for fleets: Base, Pro and ProPlus. Each one offers a bundle of features and functionalities to support fleet management.

Geotab Africa’s rate plans:

Base: GPS, location, VIN, Driver ID and basic IOX support.

Pro: Get the functionality of the Base plan, with added support for engine and accelerometer data.

ProPlus: Provides the greatest functionality, including Active Tracking, Geotab’s Limited lifetime device warranty and premium services, including EV data.

A Third-Party Device Plan is also available for fleets that want to integrate third-party devices into the Geotab Africa open platform for telematics.

  1. Consider all Parties Involved

Involving the parties concerned will help the telematics partner identify the data needed and determine how the solution will be structured.

Author: Sipho Twala | Control Room Operator – Geotab Africa

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