Business Integrated Fleet Management

When it comes to fleet management, modern businesses – whatever sector it’s in – is all about integrating systems and software that will complement each aspect of the business. Linking systems such as human resources, maintenance and accounts to other areas of the business, which result in a system that allows important information to flow from one operation to another. This in turn, enables businesses to make more informed decisions that are based on accurate, cross-business information, boosting overall efficiencies, processes and a healthier bottom line.

Six Pillars of Innovation
Business Integrated Fleet Management

What is Integration?

The definition of integration is the process of combining individual computing systems or software applications into a unified whole. Read more on the power of an open platform system.

Two Types of Integrations

Software Integration

  • API’s: API’s provide a form of communication to push or pull data about your fleet between servers and our back-end systems using Geotab SDK, e.g. Dispatch, CRM, Order Entry. The most common API requested is a location API that sends vehicle and asset location information only.
MyGeotab Platform Mapping

Hardware Integration

  • Hardware integration: Integration using third-party devices through either CAN, USB, RS232, and BLE interfaces. Data can be sent via any of these interfaces and will be saved in the fleet device which will then be sent up to MyGeotab along with all other device data and can be reported on just like any other data. Read more on IOX expandability.
MyGeotab Data

By combining these systems, businesses can take a far more proactive approach to managing their fleet. All of this combined data gives you insight into the progress of a specific journey as well as hard data regarding the habits and behaviour of your individual fleet drivers.

The Benefits of Integration

  • Fuel Efficiency

It’s no secret that fuel is expensive and one of the major costs of running a fleet. This is one area – via improved route planning. Knowing things like whether a specific fleet driver is a big accelerator or a brake-hard kind of driver can help you make small changes to their habits that deliver big fuel savings in the long-term.

  • Improved Customer Service

The name of the game in any business is to deliver the best customer service possible, and that is exactly what integrating fleet management software can offer. Customer information can be stored in one place, alongside everything from billing history to driver details – and perhaps more importantly, it’s easy to access.

  • Centralized Data Hub

Increase business functionality by joining MyGeotab data with your own APIs. Businesses benefit from having all their required data in one easy-to-use location.

  • Costs

Overall, the ultimate benefit of integrating fleet management software systems is the reduced costs you will see. An integrated system will make all processes in the business far more efficient and allow for improved, proactive fleet management and maintenance. Rather than functioning as separate areas, all major arms of the business operate as a unified whole, passing important information back and forth. This means more efficient communication and savings in the form of lower fuel costs, a reduction of unexpected repairs and, overall, improved fleet management capabilities.

Business Data that can be Integrated

  • HR, Financial, Accounts or other operational systems
  • Maintenance, tires, parts, manufacturer, leasing companies
  • Fuel systems, commercial fuel pumps and probes
  • Driver performance, engine information or meters
  • Switches, motor actuators, plant conveyor belts and so much more
Integrated Business Data

Author: Ricardo Labans | National Technical Supervisor – Geotab Africa

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