Digital Transformation in the Mining Industry

“Modernisation in the mining industry provides obvious benefits for cost saving and safety objectives.” SA Mine: 9th edition – Highlighting trends in the South African mining industry.
Geotab proudly showcased its complete mining solution at Electra Mining Africa on the 10th to the 14th of September. Our core focus at Geotab is technology and innovation, and the way they influence business operations. It is imperative that we in the industry stay updated on the latest trends. Each day focused on a different theme, namely the future of skills development, new product launches, proudly South African business, safety and celebrating diversity. The show provided us with exciting live demonstrations of new products and services, and we have greatly benefited from the insight and information gained at Electra.
With mining conditions getting tougher in South Africa, and the fourth industrial revolution upon us (Industry 4.0), the key theme that emerged from the show was digital transformation in the mining industry. The importance of automation and digitisation in mining will transform the industry into one that sees more efficient and sustainable operations. Majority of mining companies focus firstly on safety as an operating priority, and secondly on reducing costs. As an example, we learnt that it is not only possible to manage mines remotely but machines in surface mining too. This greatly improves safety and productivity, which are key concerns in the South African mining industry.
Electra Mining Africa has allowed us to introduce Geotab to key decision makers and senior personnel. The show has surpassed our expectations as has the response we have received. We have met with many prospective customers with requirements and opportunities which enable us to develop our relationships, as well as our offering. We are looking forward to the next show in 2020.
The Geotab hardware and software provides productivity managers with real-time data and visualisation of their operation, in order to ensure all equipment and resources run at optimal level. Our solution includes the following features:

  • Source & Destination – Automate load tallying, and gain insight into the entire mining operation through productivity and efficiency dashboards.
  • Cross-Tramming – Identify whether material is being dumped in the incorrect stockpile.
  • Road Condition Monitoring – Identify problematic areas on the mine’s roads.
  • Fuel Management – Track the movement of fuel, fuel burn and usage discrepancies.
  • Vehicle Downtime – Record and assign reasons to all ignition-off events.
  • Vehicle Fire Suppression System – Notify drivers, fleet managers and onsite fire squad of possible engine faults or threats.
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring – Generate live notifications when there are changes in tyre temperature and pressure.
  • Drill Rig Depth-Monitoring – Monitor the productivity and depth of the drill.
  • Key Control Access to Vehicles – Allow only specific keys to start specific vehicles.


Author: The Geotab Team – Geotab Africa

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