Geotab Assist: Automating the Geotab Installation Processes

Geotab Assist gives the Geotab Technicians the ability to capture installation and job card information quickly and easily. It can scan South African license disks, SIM card and product barcodes.

What is Geotab Assist?

Geotab assist is an application that was designed by the Geotab development team that simplifies processes between Geotab’s Technicians and Customers.

Why was Geotab Assist Developed?

  • The application was developed to minimize time from the moment the device is installed to appearing on the Map (MyGeotab).

How does Geotab Assist Simplifies installations?

  • The Application assists our technicians in completing Job cards by scanning the licence disk, unit & SIM card barcodes.
  • It also saves time, instead of typing all the information regarding the vehicle/unit and SIM card everything is accurately scanned with the convenience of your mobile camera.
  • The application eliminates room for human error.

How does the App benefit the customer?

  • The customer receives the Job card in real time, and without all the hassle of filing papers as every Job card is emailed to the customer once the technician completes it.
  • This keeps the customer up to date on Jobs done to the vehicle.
  • The Job card sent to the customer contains all critical job information.
  • All discrepancies will also be noted on the Job card for the clients information.

Compatibility & Availability

  • Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and android 3.3 and up.
  • Available on Google play store and ITunes.

Author: Rushan Valley Technical, Support Co-ordinator – GEOTAB AFRICA
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