Together for A Greener Future Through Innovation

Geotab Africa ensures a greener future for all by means of constant and precise innovation as well as the systematic utilization of raw materials in all products and developments. We take the utmost pride in developing industry-leading fleet management technology and understanding our significant role in safeguarding the environment both now and moving forward.

Air Pollution in South Africa

It is estimated by the World Health Organization that at least 20 000 South Africans die each year from air pollution. Over half of these fatalities are caused by households burning wood and coal, while the remainder is a result of industrial pollution, vehicle exhaust fumes, and heavy wind dust. Satellite information from a Tropospheric Monitoring Instrument shows that Mpumalanga, which is home to a number of Eskom energy plants, has the most polluted air in South Africa and is also one of the world’s worst polluters of NO2 emissions.

Geotab’s GO Devices Are Made from Recycled Materials

At Geotab Africa, we are constantly looking for ways to better care for the environment and our planet. These principles and beliefs are practised in every aspect of our operation. The manufacturing of products with recycled materials instead of new materials drastically reduces all major forms of pollution, energy output, forms or carbon emissions and water consumption. In line with this, as well as a contributing factor to a greener future, all Geotab GO telematics devices do not contain any mercury or lead in their hardware, making disposal more efficient and less harmful to the environment.

Decommissioned GO devices are sent to industry leading electronic recycling establishments where all usable materials are then utilized in the manufacturing of new products and items such as road signs. Any material that cannot be reused is then disposed of in a responsible manner in accordance with environmental safeguarding practices.

Geotab’s System Aid Businesses Minimize Their Environmental Footprint

Aside from the “green” manufacturing, disposal and comprising materials in the Geotab GO devices, the largest ways that we at Geotab contribute to environmental safeguarding is by providing the tools for our clients to increase every aspect of operational efficiency.

The utilization and implementation of Geotab’s advanced telematics systems and solutions make it possible for a business of any size to easily and effectively minimize their environmental footprint. Geotab’s systems and solutions make it simple to reduce overall fuel consumption, drastically lower CO2 emissions, effortlessly optimize routing and implement precise management of idling. It also helps reduce aggressive driver behaviours while maintaining and ensuring optimal engine performance throughout.

At Geotab, we are constantly researching and developing new methods and implementing new practices to ensure that what we leave behind is an environment free from all forms of pollution. We are proud to practice and provide these tailored solutions to safeguard the environment both now and moving forward for a greener future for all.

Author: Travis Booth, Business Development Manager – GEOTAB AFRICA (KZN)

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