Advantages of using NFC


  1. IOX add-on: With GEOTAB AFRICA’s new GO7 Fleet Management devices, adding a NFC Reader and Driver Tags is as simply as connecting the reader to the GO device via GEOTAB’s IOX Technology.
  2. Soft immobilization: This feature will remind the driver to use a tag whereby the buzzer will continue to beep until it’s tagged. On heavy machinery the external buzzer can be connected via IOX for a louder beep, as the cockpit is much noisier.
  3. Hard immobilization: This prevents the vehicle from being started by an unauthorized driver and it can only be started once the NFC Reader has been tagged. It can also be personalized to a specific drivers (See Whitelisting).
  4. DriverID: By using NFC driver identification you can monitor the driver behaviour and also accurately identify the traffic fines received by each specific driver. You can automatically suspend the tag if the driver’s license has expired, or manually suspend it for whatever reason i.e. driver on leave, suspended awaiting a hearing.

Author: Herbet Letsoara, Technician – GEOTAB AFRICA


Why fleet Management…

When planning a family get-away big or small, unless you have a huge bank balance and don’t care about the costs involved, you probably spend a lot of time planning, budgeting and exploring all the possibilities to make the most of your time and hard earned cash. So why should you treat your fleet any different, since it’s the driving force of your potential income.