Using MyGeotab Rules to Avoid Damage to the Fleet

A Rule is used in fleet management as a precautionary measure to avoid any physical damage to the vehicle and driver or any reputational damage to your brand. The MyGeotab software has a few Rules that can be activated or deactivated by a simple click of a button.

Standard Rules

The first set of Rules available on MyGeotab are called Standard Rules. These Rules are used to ensure your fleet is not being abused by drivers or other workers and include the following:

  • Safety
  • Productivity and
  • Fleet

Within the safety sub-section, one will find pre-setup rules for harsh braking, harsh cornering as well as speeding, amongst others. The productivity sub-section is all about measuring idling, unauthorized stops and duration of vehicle stoppages. In the fleet sub-section, there are rules dedicated towards engine abuse, fleet idling and unauthorized device removal to name a few.

All the rules mentioned above have a small explanation that helps one to fully understand them. One is also given the option to add or edit these rules. For example, fleet managers can set-up notifications to warn them when these rules are being triggered.

Advanced Rules

Except for the Standard Rules you can also create your own Rules on the MyGeotab software. You can find this option underneath Advanced Rules. From here you can set up customized rules for whatever fits your business’ needs. Some examples include the triggering of an Aux, entering a home/office/client or no-go zone as well as route deviation.

Advanced Rules are a very specific base of rules that are designed for specific needs. Setting one up is quite easy as there are only a few options that should be selected. Firstly, click on Rules and choose the add button. You will now be prompted to name the rule and select a colour code. You can also publish to a group or entire organization as well as write a comment for that rule. The second section is to add a condition for the rule… add zone or zone type, add speed, speed limit, and so forth. Lastly, you can set a notification so that when the rule is breached, you can be notified.

Exception Report

Finally, if you want to see which Rules have been broken or triggered, you can run an Exceptions Report. This will show you a full list of rules for a specific period of time. This report can also be set-up to run automatically and be emailed to the relevant person in charge of the fleet.

Author: Xavier Hannie, Technical Support Western Cape – GEOTAB AFRICA

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