Insight to Geotab’s Telematics Solution Process

Geotab Africa is not a Black-Box solution. Rather, we strive to create a unique telematics solution that meets the needs of our customer because we understand that they all have different needs. That’s why we can cater to a diverse customer base from security, mining, transportation, courier, etc.

In today’s market, businesses do not have the freedom to invest in products or services that are “nice to have”. While this appears to be a broad statement, the fact remains that what one department may need can be seen by another as unnecessary. Even Geotab Africa staff have been confronted with this issue from time to time. So, how does Geotab Africa overcome this hurdle?

Geotab Africa’s Products are Technically Advanced and Market Leading

Geotab Africa’s products are the reason we have managed to stay relevant even at a time when businesses are reluctant to invest in services or products. They are technically advanced and leading the market. From the world’s first expandable telematics platform, which allows the add-on of 3rd party applications such as Garmin integration, to our GO TALK which verbally informs the driver if they are breaking any of the company’s rules and regulations. Add to this our award-winning software and our outstanding customer service.

Geotab Africa’s Business Approach

When presenting to a customer, we focus on our five business pillars: Productivity, Safety, Fleet Optimisation, Compliance, and Expandability. In doing so, we are able to connect and address each head of department’s requirements, ranging from that of the CEO, CFO, COO, CTO as well as that of the Commercial Manager.

Tailor-made Telematics Solution to Meet Different Industry Needs

As mentioned earlier on the blog, companies cannot afford to invest in “nice to have” products or services. So just as the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding,” Geotab Africa offers a Proof of Concept (POC) solution for potential customers who still need that little more convincing. Keep in mind that this is a major risk on behalf of Geotab Africa as we are fully investing in the customer as if it were the final stage of the transaction. In other words, we install our device in your vehicle so you can test it. We also provide access to our software support to help you understand the system and make full use of it.

The fundamentals of what the customer wants to achieve with our product should be noted and agreed upon. For example, if the customer wants Driver ID with our Source and Destination software or our Driver Vehicle Inspection Report, it should be clearly understood that this is what the customer wants, nothing less. For too long has the customer been overpromised and underdelivered.

The next crucial point of discussion will be the time-frame. Depending on the customer’s needs and requirements, a POC will not need to run for too long. Once the POC has been implemented, Geotab Africa will then showcase its unique offering, one of which is the opening of our Software Development Kit (SDK). Our SDK enables developers to create customized applications to further enhance the value that the Geotab telematics solution can extract.

Once the POC has reached its stipulated time frame, a final presentation will be presented back to the customer based on the company’s own data and findings. Then the customer decides.

Author: Ryan Diesel, Business Development Manager – GEOTAB AFRICA

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